Saturday, October 31, 2009

Etan Cohen to write Men in Black 3

"Here come the Men in Black, galaxy defenders"! Sounds like a bad 80's cartoon theme song. Variety is reporting that Etan Cohen is set to write Men in Black 3. ETAN Cohen, not one half of the Cohen brothers, that's ETHAN, not Etan. Etan Cohen wrote Tropic Thunder and the under appreciated Idiocracy.

Columbia is hard up for a hit and they're probably thinking this is a sure thing, but I respectfully disagree. Men in Black 2 was so bad, so stupid, I think they lost the charm and wit that made the first one so good. Couple that with the amount of time its been since the sequel, would anyone really be interested? None of the cast has signed on, and this could end up in a company drawer somewhere for a few years. Let's just hope it doesn't become a straight-to-DVD movie involving the grandchildren of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' characters. Ha!

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