Monday, October 26, 2009

Forbes Magazine: Naomi Watts is the best studio investment there is

I just read an interesting article put out by Forbes magazine. It's about the actress with the most return on investment for the studios. The woman at the top of the list may surprise you... Naomi Watts.

She is the stunning, beautiful actress from down under. The way the list was conducted is pretty easy. Forbes took the 3 most recent films made by the actresses, that went into WIDE release. Indie flix were ignored because they are in limited release.

Watts' films generate an amazing $44 dollars for every $1 dollar she is paid. That's impressive! Of course 500 million dollar movies like King Kong don't hurt.

Jennifer Connelly took second place, generating $41 dollars per $1 dollar spent by the studios. Here three latest are He's Just Not That Into You, Blood Diamond, and The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Third place went to the lovely Rachel McAdams, who we love here at AtD by the way. Her films generate $30 dollars per $1 dollar salary. The rest of the list will be revealed as the weeks go on. Keep it here for more.

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