Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tony: This is It review

Where do you even start to explain the talent that was Michael Jackson? Where do you begin to even fathom the scope of his popularity worldwide? You really can't, is the answer. The best you can do, is sit back and watch others and how they are around him. This is It, is the documentary about his final tour that never was. As always with AtD, not so much plot, as it is opinion.

The movie follows a pretty steady chronological order; beginning with the casting of the backup dancers. This is where you sit back and watch in amazement how popular Michael Jackson actually was. There are interviews with people who flew, from Australia, with only 2 days notice to audition for the concert. Three quarters of the dancers interviewed in the beginning were actually crying at the thought of being in the show. And EVERY SINGLE dancer commented on how Michael Jackson was their inspiration and motivation to be a dancer.

The movie goes through about ten songs, and how they were going to be presented at the London shows. The choreography is brilliant. At 50 years old, Jackson was out dancing men half his age. He did look thin and weak at times, but when it came to dancing, he was on it. His attention to detail and his need for the show to be perfect was inspiring. There is a number where he didn't feel the bassist was giving it his all, so he politely, yet firmly asked him to step it up. Always following his soft demands saying "with love"; as to share a mutual respect.

The perfectionism goes far beyond the dancing. Jackson had his music so memorized, when a keyboardist was off by one note, he stopped the entire rehearsal and asked him to adjust. There are even a few times where he stepped in and made drastic changes to the show from what the director had in mind; and believe me, they were much better ideas from the originals.

Then there's the spectacle that was to be. The million man march of 'They don't really care about us'; the live action/historical movie footage of 'Smooth Criminal'; the 3D 'Thriller'; all of which would have made for an amazing concert that people really would not have been ready for.

The truth is, this is just a movie; it is just a documentary. And that's what we're reviewing today. Is it a good movie, yes. It's brilliant in the way it is pieced together to show a man who was determined to go out with a bang. It's entertaining and keeps you enthralled in the music and dancing the entire time. For me, it was a reminder to always try to be the best at what you do, or don't even bother. Long live the King of Pop.


robert mchammel said...

i can wait to watch this!!!

Anonymous said...

Robert, go see it. It's so entertaining, and since his songs are world famous, you find yourself foot tapping. Brilliant star.