Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest Review: Al Berto: "Planet 51"

Welcome to a world of creativity with a lack of… creativity.

Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson , an American astronaut, lands on an unknown planet thinking he's the first life form to step foot on it. To his surprise, he finds that this planet is inhabited by little green people who are happily living in an American 1950’s, white picket fence world. Lem, played by Justin Long, (who you can usually be find in the Mac vs. PC commercials), is just a teenager working on getting the girl of his dreams, while trying to land a job at a local planetarium. Lem risks his job, his relationship with his family and his future girlfriend to help Chuck get back to his ship orbiting the planet above.

When I watched the trailer to this movie I was totally excited. I thought to myself, “finally, something original.” I’m so sick of this phase the film industry is going through of bringing back old ideas to keep selling tickets. It’s as if Hollywood writers lost all touch with the right side of their brains and I’m honestly getting sick of the “Hollywood Formula:” Everything’s normal, something disrupts it all, the main character faces a number of challenges, he or she overcomes those challenges, happy ending. You’d think in this day and age that movie watchers would expect more, something a little different.

Sadly this movie is typically the same as the rest. The one thing that stuck me the most was the complete lack of imagination and creativity from such an amazing plot idea. They took absolutely no effort whatsoever to give you the feeling that you were on another world. I think the only real difference between earth and planet 51 was that the inhabitants physically look different, (they were obviously green with four fingers and didn’t have noses), and they have weird gravitation properties. Their dogs were a small cute version of the alien seen in the 1986 movie Alien. For some reason they had American looking cars that floated, yet their helicopters needed blades to lift them off the ground. Somehow, 50 million light years away, another species also invented a game that required a round heavy object to hit 10 pins, and they called it bowling! Did I mention it rained rocks? The odds of all this occurring has to be one out of, I don’t know, a billion-zillion-kagillion! The one and only thing that was remotely entertaining about this movie was a small probe sent to the planet to study and find living creatures, but failed its mission because it had an obsession with examining and collecting rocks.

You would figure an animated movie would have encouraged a number of creative ideas from such an interesting movie plot idea. Planet 51 was basically just a reason to make a quick buck by an unknown animated movie company. This is why Pixar will still be number one in my book; DreamWorks comes in a close second.

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Tonedog said...

Al Berto, my heart broke a little bit more with every sentence I read. I reallllllly wanted this one to be different. I really wanted to believe Hollywood was gonna start being original. I guess we were both wrong... darn it man!