Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar opens with 73 million dollars

James Cameron's Avatar did what everyone thought it would do... well! The movie pulled in 73 million dollars and was a huge critical success. 73 million is actually less than predicted, but it was only because of the UNpredictable. Snow blizzards on the East Coast caused the movie to dip a bit in the number, but still broke a record.

Avatar broke a record for the biggest opening of any "original" movie in history. That means, it wasn't adapted from a book or comic book, and was NOT a sequel. That's like Star Wars status right there! The critics all agree and the box office doesn't lie (most of the time). But did you go see it? Tell us what you think? FattMatt was busy camping this weekend, and Tonedog was just flat out busy. Maybe this week!

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