Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tony: Julie & Julia DVD Review

Ok, so I'm always talking smack about "chick flicks" and how I refuse to watch them because they're so dang predictable. Well, this is a movie that stars Meryl Streep and the woman DESERVES attention damn it. The DVD is Julie & Julia, and as I just said, it stars Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci. This is a reunion of sorts for Streep and Adams, they co-starred in last years fantastic, Doubt. Ok, now, opinion, not plot.

The movie is stupid. I could end my review there, but I wont. The movie chronicles Julia Child (Streep) and her life in the cooking world. It reveals how she wrote her famous cook book for Americans, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". At the time, we see Julie (Adams) and how she became an internet sensation with her blog, about what else? Cooking. Julie decided to cook every recipe in Julia Child's book over the course of a year. And so she creates a blog and talks about her adventure. Now, being a blogger myself, this was somewhat amusing. I remember getting my very first comment on this blog (from other than FattMatt), and was so excited I shared it with my wife. But other than that.... here we goo...

The movie is freakishly slow, I mean, it takes about an hour before Julia Child is cooking, and Julie really gets going on the recipes. I didn't care for any of the Julie scenes to be quite honest. Adams plays a boring whiner who's friends have all become more successful than she is, and I didn't buy it. But Meryl Streep, my God this woman is something else, BRILLIANT.

There is one particular scene that stands out. Streep begins the scene happy about receiving a letter from her sister. When she discovers her sister is pregnant, and obviously Julia couldn't have her own children, she bursts into tears. She's holding onto her husband (played by Tucci) in so much pain. She's amazing, and she is the only reason this would get a "rent it" vote by me. Pay close attention to her voice and her mannerisms. I hope she's recognized AGAIN by the Academy for this one.

Like I said, I didn't enjoy the movie. But I can't say I didn't enjoy it AT ALL, because of Streep's performance. I think cooking enthusiasts would really enjoy it because if the lingo and techniques mentioned in the film. I watch the Food Network quite a bit and understood a lot of the talk. But my manly men readers, DON'T DO IT... DON'T YOU DO IT! Don't you give into your girlfriends and wives and watch this movie. Bon appetit.

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