Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick and Simple: Daniel Craig finalizes deal for Cowboys & Aliens

Just as the title reads... Bond, James Bond is in talks to replace Robert Downey Jr. in the comic book adaptation, Cowboys & Aliens.

A few days ago we told you about Downey's departure from the project due to scheduling conflicts; Craig is the first big name to be mentioned as far as a replacement.

I like Craig, I do, but he's no Downey. I don't think he can be as comedic as Downey, but can definitely portray a sense of toughness we haven't seen since the action movies of the 80's. So with that being said... please Dreamworks, hurry up and make this movie cause I can't wait!!!

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that the deal is done, and Craig is confirmed for the picture. I think it's a good move for Craig while he sits and waits to see what happens with the "Bond" franchise.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guy Ritchie leaving Lobo for Sherlock Holmes 2

"Thisssss sucks!" As my favorite, Chris Farley so eloquently put it in Tommy Boy. It looks like the comic book adaptation, Lobo, took a hit today. Guy Ritchie was slated to direct the film, but has opted out in order to start on the sequel to Sherlock Holmes. 'Sherlock' did so well at the theaters, and continues to, that the studio, producers and Ritchie himself are eager to get started on the sequel.

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Robert Downey Jr. was leaving another comic book adaptation, Cowboys & Aliens, in order to get started on 'Sherlock' 2. So the news of Ritchie following suite, is not a HUGE surprise. Does it make me sad? Yes. Will I still see Lobo with another director? Yes. The comic book is great and has so much potential on the big screen. We'll have to wait and see who the studio elects to direct the picture. But we'll let you know when it happens.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mortal Kombat 3 really is going to be made

Remember when we told you about Mortal Kombat 3 being made? Well, even we thought it was just a rumor that would fizzle out, but it hasn't. The internet is a buzz with news that it will start production sooner than later. I was a fan of the first two films and the video games which inspired them. I'm not saying a sequel is the best idea in the world, but it actually makes sense.

Of all the fighting games, one could argue that the characters in Mortal Kombat are very unique; that they would make for better characters in movies. One could also argue that almost all fighting games translated into film have been debacles. Again, I'm open to a third film and would probably wait to rent it, but we'll see. So either way, a part three is coming, who will you root for?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quickie: Jonah Hill's Cyrus trailer, from Sundance, great!

Hahahaha, this looks great. Jonah Hill official selection into Sundance, called Cyrus. John C. Reilly finally finds a women he can talk to you, maybe even fall in love with, that woman is Marisa Tomei. Only thing she HASN'T told Reilly is that she has an adult son named Cyrus, played by Jonah Hill. Comedy ensues when Reilly and Hill go at it. Yes, it is reminiscent of Step Brothers, but has an interesting enough story to make it different. Watch it for yourself and tell us what you think!

Quickie: Someone I've never heard of cast as Conan the Barbarian

Jason Momoa? Anyone ever heard of him? Me either. I guess he was in one of the "Stargate" tv series. Anyway, he's been cast to play Conan, which is set to start filming in March! Wow. That gives this guy 10 weeks to get buff like our California Governor, Aaanold was.

I don't really care about this news, because at one time the project was to be directed by Brett "The Worst Director in the world, behind Bay" Ratner. I said it! Yeah I said it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quickie: Buried teaser trailer... wow!

This looks pretty amazing... check out the trailer and let us know what you think! The movie stars Ryan Reynolds and will premier this week at Sundance.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tim Burton to direct a Sleeping Beauty remake?

Yeah, it looks like it's true. Tim Burton, who's retelling of Alice in Wonderland hasn't even hit theaters yet; is set to direct another Disney favorite, Sleeping Beauty. This time in live action of course. The movie is called Maleficent; and focuses on the evil fairy by the same name. I'm not sure if they're going to do a prequel of sorts, and show us why she is as evil as she is, or if it's a straight forward sequel.

The broadway play, "Wicked", focused on the Witches from The Wizard of Oz. Maybe Disney will take from the success of the play and do something along those lines. Either way, I think Tim Burton is the man for the job. My only criticism is that he should move on from Disney after Maleficent. I know his love and passion for art, animated, etc... but I wanna be selfish! I want to see more Sweeny Todd type of films. Not necessarily a musical, but live action fun from Burton and Depp. We'll keep ya posted as more news about this project comes up.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You know what's a good movie? (Part 2) Toy Story

Just to review, FattMatt and I decided to try a six degrees of seperation on ya'll. We'll start with one movie, find a common actor, director, etc., and then move on to the next film.

So, in the first installment of "You know what's a good movie?" we covered Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks. The next installment also stars Tom Hanks, but in a different kind of way... computer animation. Toy Story.

It was 1995 and things were about to change in Hollywood. We were introduced to Pixar, and in a BIG way. That unknown company would help pave the way for computer animation in a way no one could ever have expected. It's 2010 today, and Pixar has released 10 films, ALL home runs.

Growing up, I loved action figures, I mean I was obsessed. My brother Shmoo and I collected EVERYTHING. And being the imaginative little boys we were, we would act out our own action scenes. We make noises for guns, sound effects for explosions, you name it, we did it. We felt the toys coming to life. And THAT is what Pixar achieved, they made the toys feel real.

Now Mark Strong in talks for Sinestro?

Martin Campbell laid to rest the rumors about Jackie Earle Haley playing Sinestro, the villian in the upcoming Green Lantern film. Instead, he gave us a nice piece of information. Here's what he told MTV:
No, that’s completely wrong…In fact, we’re in negotiations with Mark Strong to play Sinestro…He’s not only a wonderful actor, but he looks like Sinestro. If you look up old pictures of Sinestro, he’s very like him. The Jackie Earle Haley thing, somebody told me about it this morning; I had never heard it before in my life.
Wowzers! That's some awesome news. I'm a big big fan of Mark Strong. I loved his work in the less than stellar Body of Lies. He also stole the show in Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla.

Hopefully this is not just casting rumor, but fact pretty soon. We'll keep you posted on the Green Lantern updates, as they arrive.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tekken movie trailer hahahahaha, AWFUL!

Look, we try not to post God awful stuff, but this is too bad NOT to post. The video game adaptation Tekken. I'll let the trailer do the talking.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spiderman 4, no more. No more.

From the lips of Tobey Maguire in the first 3 Spiderman films: "I'm Spider-Man... no more. No more." That's right folks... Tobey Maguire (actor), Kristin Dunst (actress), Sam Raimi (director), horrible movie (part 3)... are alllllll gone! Sony Pictures scrapped the plans for Spiderman 4, instead they want a complete reboot.

All the heavy hitters have put out bs letters of appreciation for being a part of the first trilogy, but I'm not buying it. I think the combination of countless delays on part 4, an unfinished script and a horrible part 3 film, and Thor taking the release date of Spiderman 4 have all helped Sony make up its mind.

The studio instead wants a grittier, darker Spiderman. Funny, all the studios with Superhero properties are starting to use those terms when describing reboots. Fantastic Four is getting a "grittier" reboot. Superman will some day fly again in a "darker" version of himself. Ya right!

I wish studios would just speak the truth... "your movie sucked, we didn't think it was going to suck, and now we are giving someone else a chance to make a movie that doesn't suck". That same sentiment goes to Fantastic Four and Superman btw.

Either way, this is a good thing for Maguire and Raimi. I really think they are better away from the franchise. The best days of the franchise are behind us. Part one brought a character to the big screen in a way very few Superhero movies had before it. Part 2 showed us the power of CGI with unforgettable battle atop a train. And sadly, part 3 showed us that very few, if any franchises have a part 3 worth a damn.

A script is in place for the "new" Spiderman trilogy and Sony expects the movie to be in theaters around 2012. But for now... see ya later Spidey... you will be missed... just not by this blogger.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Real Quick: Transformers "Another revenge of the Suck" starts filming soon

Here's all you get: the third installment of Transformers starts production in May of this year according to collider.

Quickie: Sherlock Holmes 2 starts filming soon

It looks like the movie was a big enough success that the second film will start shooting as early as July. This is really no surprise, Sherlock Holmes continues to do very well at the box office, consistently second behind Avatar every week since Christmas. The other big news for the sequel is that Brad Pitt will star. This was rumored a few times during filming of the first film, but now it's been confirmed that Pitt will be a part of the sequel. Looking good!

A sad day... Robert Downey Jr. OUT from Cowboys & Aliens

I knew it was too good to be true. Robert Downey Jr. has pulled out of Cowboys and Aliens. He's just too damn busy. He can't keep up with the Iron Man franchise, the Sherlock Holmes franchise and The Vampire Chronicles franchise. What's weird is, he worked so hard to get Jon Favreau on board as director, only to drop out? Well, either way, Dreamworks is moving forward with their plans. What I think happened is this: Sherlock Holmes 2 is on the fast track (check out the next post), and that franchise is on solid ground. So Robert Downey Jr. had to decide between a POSSIBLE franchise, or a solid franchise. I would have done the same thing.

Green Lantern villain cast... Peter Sarsgaard?

Peter Sarsgaard in a superhero movie? Umm... yeah, I like it. Peter Sarsgaard is in talks to star opposite side Ryan Reynolds in the DC Comic classic, Green Lantern.

He wouldn't play the famous villain Sinestro, but rather Dr. Hector Hammond. Superhero movies are coming up! They're being taken more seriously; and casting is definitely improving. Sarsgaard has done such films as Jarhead and Kinsey. And was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in Shattered Glass.

I talked about the improved casting just the other day. We told you about Blake Lively's addition to Green Lantern, and I expressed my dislike in the move. This makes up for that a little bit. I like Sarsgaard and I think he will add a lot to this movie.

Monday, January 11, 2010

You know what's a good movie? Forrest Gump

Hello devout readers! FattMatt and I decided to try something new today, play a game of sorts. It's called, "You know what's a good movie?". For the next few days, we're going to talk about movies that are connected in some way. Maybe they share a director, maybe they share a starring actor or actress, or maybe there is a common plot? We're going to start with a very obvious movie, because we honestly don't know what movie we're going to discuss tomorrow, until tomorrow.

So.... You know what's a good movie? Forrest Gump. The movie that won every Oscar there is to win was an amazing piece of film history. Tom Hanks plays Forrest Gump; a man who lives an incredible life filled with some of this country's greatest moments in history. It co-stars Robin Wright Penn and is directed by Robert Zemeckis.

FattMatt and I have discussed over and over. We've tried explaining this to people numerous times; the movie is based on the notion of coincidence or chance. Yes, indeed, the character of Forrest is lovable and charming. The special effects that placed Tom Hanks in the pages of history were breath taking. The love story sub-plot was reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, the star-crossed lovers that could not be. But the fundamental idea of the film is that anyone, from anywhere can do great things. In Forrest Gump's case, it was all by chance.

Quickie: Avatar breaks 1 Billion dollar mark

Was there really any doubt? I'm not posting because the picture did well... I'm posting because James Cameron IS as good as I thought. FattMatt and I had an "AtD" moment a few months ago when discussing Quentin Tarantino.

I accused him of kissing Tarantino butt, he accused me of the same when it comes to Cameron. Well; let's look at it this way. Cameron is the only director in history, to have TWO films top the 1 billion dollar mark. I haven't seen the film, FattMatt has; so I will not review in anyway; I'm just stating facts.

The movie is doing well, the same way Cameron's other billion dollar blockbuster did, Titanic. It's consistent and has taken the number spot for 2009 away from Revenge of the Suck. This movie could reach The Dark Knight and Titanic proportion. We'll have to wait and see.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quickie: Blake Lively cast in the Green Lantern

Blake Lively has just been cast as the Green Lantern's leading lady, Carol Ferris (who eventually becomes villain Star Sapphire). I know all the men are excited about this news, but I'm not. Maybe I'm the only one in the world that cares about acting ability. There's a notion!

A beautiful face is great and all, but really? Really? Acting ability should come into play. I've seen her work in Accepted starring Justin Long and Jonah Hill, as well as her work on "Gossip Girl". I have to say I'm not thrilled.

Plus, does this make sense alongside Ryan Reynolds? I don't think they match well. But who am I? Just a lowly blogger who loves movies, and comic books. I think Reynolds is too old for it to be believable. I think studios need to look at Jon Favreau's technique and start casting some Oscar caliber actors.

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Oscar-winning actress who did great in Iron Man. You believed she was in love with the Tony Stark character, but knew she couldn't do anything about. I don't know what else to say. The other actresses there were up for the role include some amazing actresses including Eva Gree, Keri Russell and Diane Kruger. Who do you all think should have been cast? I'm going with Kruger!



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

REAL Quickie: Funny People is...

I just want to share that I'm watching "Funny People" and it's bloody awful. Seriously, what the hell happened? Judd Apatow was on a freakin' roll, so was Seth Rogen. I can't stand to finish this movie, I'm an hour into it and I'm ready to turn it off.

Let's hear it... Who agreed to disagree? This movie sucks!

UPDATE: Ok I forced myself to finish it and it was worse than I thought it would be. What the flip man?! Judd Apatow was on a roll man, he lost it. This movie was so bad; I think I lauged twice in a long and dragging two hours. Wowzers.