Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No way... David S. Goyer to write Superman: The Man of Steel?!

Holy mother of Mary... this is a big deal to me. David S. Goyer, the man who helped Christopher Nolan create a new Batman for a new generation, is set to write the next Superman film for Warner Brothers.

Latino Review first reported the news, with a few plot points as well. This tells me, it's been a work-in-progress for awhile. Here's a few things Latino Review knows:

Lex Luthor AND Brainiac are the primary villains.

Brandon Routh will not star, and Bryan Singer will not return to direct.

It will indeed be called The Man of Steel, not Superman...

No origin story here, just fun filled action that is believable to our times.

That last point is very important. The previous Singer incarnation was too light for our times, especially with what's going on in our world. We need dark, we need more action out of a Superman film. I'm so excited about this news, as Goyer is a bit of a Comic book nerd like myself. What do you guys thinks? Let us know.


FattMatt said...

"Holy mother of Mary" is right, Tonedog! This is great news!!

Jeremiah said...

It will probably disappoint everyone since we all have a perfect view of THE MAN of STEEL in our heads. LOL