Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

The show we wait all year to see is now over. Was it good? Were there any surprises? What movie won big? Umm... let's go through those questions one at a time shall we?

Was it good (the show)? Not really. I was a big fan of Hugh Jackman hosting the show last year. His Broadway style numbers were so fun and entertaining. I also enjoyed the style in which they announced the acting winners last year, by bringing out five previous winners. This year Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosted the show and it was sub-par to say the least. All the problems that plagued shows past, showed their ugly heads this year. There were unfunny jokes, clips and long boring video montages. Overall it failed to keep me entertained, and I'M A MOVIE LOVER!

Were there any surprises? Yes! The one and only big surprise came at "Best Supporting Actress"... Mo'Nique. Are you serious? The same woman that acted in Soul Plane and Phat Girlz just won an Oscar? Yes! And it sounds like deserving so. I did not watch it, so I can't criticize. And I will say this, she accepted her award with respect, class and grace. Very happy for the woman that has always been able to make me laugh.

What movie won big? The Hurt Locker. "Best Director" and "Best Picture" ahead of Avatar is a huge victory for the movie about the troops in Iraq. I loved the movie, and knew it had the lead over Avatar, I just knew it. The Academy loved Drama, and as great as Avatar was, The Hurt Locker was far better story telling by Katherine Bigelow.

Bigelow became the first women EVER to win the Oscar for "Best Directing", wow. Truly an amazing feat that was the icing on the cake for one of the best war movies ever made. Bigelow accepted, shaking at times, and found it difficult to find her words, but she did. Staying backstage for only a few moments while Tom Hanks announced The Hurt Locker for "Best Picture"; Bigelow returned onstage, as she is one of the producers on the film as well.

A few notables are Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges and Christoph Waltz. Sandra Bullock was humble, thankful and comedic while accepting her award. It's her first nomination and really solidified her as more than just a comedic actress in Hollywood. Way to go Ms. Bullock, my wife and I were rooting for you the entire way!

Jeff Bridges has delivered great work, year after year, in his illustrious career. He has stood the test of time, accepting great roles, one after the other. His Oscar win for "Crazy Hearts" capped a 4 nomination loosing streak. He thanked his parents, both actors, both deceased, for inspiring him to be an actor. Great work!

And lastly, Christoph Waltz who was so amazing in Inglourious Basterds. He won for "Best Supporting Actor" and thanked Quentin Tarantino for guiding him through the journey of movie making, as unorthodox as his style is.

Again, great movies, great characters, great performances, very poor show. Hopefully they take a few notes from what worked so well last year and apply it to next. They SHOULD look at last year, as it was a year when viewership went up from 2008 when the Oscars had it's lowest watched show ever. Come on Producers, make the show as fun as it is to go to the movies! Minus the 3D of course.

It's late, I'm tired, it's my Birthday tomorrow (today), goodnight!

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