Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Channing Tatum as Captain America?

I know it's late, but I just read this news on Latino Review and was blown away... how could I not have missed this? Channing Tatum as The First Avenger: Captain America? The news is not 100% confirmed but I LIKE IT! The list of actors vying for the part has been all over the internet. This is the first time I read a name and said to myself "yeah, I can see it". There were a lot of other names out there, but none of them had the LOOK of the Captain.

Channing Tatum is not the best actor in the world by any means, but he is good. He is a great action star as we've seen in the past, and damn it, he straight up looks like Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He's got the physical presence of the character as well as the look of a good 'ol American to play the part.

I'm sure the list will shrink and grow as the days go on, but I'm rooting for this one; as my thought of Matthew McConaughey was panned by all my friends... Hey, I still think McConaughey looks the part! Tatum would be better I guess.

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FattMatt said...

I really hope "Matthew McConaughey" was a typo.