Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FattMatt Review: "Remember Me"

Last night my girlfriend and I watched Remember Me.
Of course, she was super excited about the fact that it stars the handsome "Edward" of Twilight fame. I was just excited to watch a movie that, from the trailer, didn't look like your typical love story.
And I was right.

It was more than just an excuse for teenage girls to drool over Robert Pattinson. The story was very well developed and quite deeper than I expected. It set up all the characters very well, and very much made us a part of their lives. The movie also has a big surprise that I won't give away, but it truly got to me at the end. I actually walked out of the theater quite contemplative over all the events that culminate in a sad, twisted ending. The entire film ends up playing out like a vignette on life. It stuck true to its tag line, "every life has a meaning..."
Very good stuff there.

The performances were pretty good, too.
Pattinson gives a strong lead performance, all the while retaining his charm.
Emilie de Ravin
, who is probably best known for her role as "Claire" on the television series LOST, makes for a delightful leading lady.
Pierce Brosnan
, the man who portrayed the most famous spy "James Bond" in 5 films, really did a great job in his role as the uncaring father who is always too busy with his job.
Chris Cooper does a fine job as usual.
But the real standout performance for me came from the 11 year-old Ruby Jerins, who was nothing short of brilliant in her performance. You may have seen her before as the little girl in Shutter Island. Move over, Dakota. Ruby is the new little girl to look out for, folks.

Basically, this is a film to watch purely for the story and the performances. It delivers on both ends. I walked in expecting another teenage love story, but I walked out with so much more. The entire time I was truly interested in the life of all the characters.
The only overly-cliche part for me was when the 2 main stars start to fall for each other. At least it wasn't a montage.

The only thing that I found unusually funny was how the 3 main actors in the film were not Americans but English, Australian and Irish, respectively. You'll see what I mean once you watch it. I can't say much without ruining the ending.

Overall, I say go watch Remember Me.
You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, really? Really though? I want to hate this movie and its main actor.

FattMatt said...

It'll surprise you, Tonedog.
Take your wife & check it out.

FattMatt said...

Oh, and a special mention should be made of Ruby Jerins. Awesome awesome awesome.