Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tony Review: "Alice in Wonderland"

Finally! The long awaited Alice in Wonderland has screened in thousands of theaters across the country. Now... how was it?! Ok, I've done this a few times before and it seems to get the best response. I'll go through what I liked and didn't like about the movie.

What I liked:

What did you expect from Tim Burton? Seriously, was there a doubt that this man was going to make 'Underland' anything less than magnificent? The world looks and feels familiar, yet so very different. It has a very eerie, Gothic feel, that makes you just a little bit uneasy... which I'm sure Alice must feel as she enters this strange world. The colors, the animals, creatures, all amazing. I don't want to focus too much on this point... but watch the film in 2D. My wife and I watched in 3D and to be completely honest, it took away from the movie for me. So many details are blurry (a big negative to 3D), that I would rather enjoy them in 2D.

The cast/characters:
Again, what did you expect? So much talent, so many unbelievable characters it's ridiculous. Let me start with Johnny Depp, he does an amazing job as the lovable, yet crazy Mad Hatter. He has to be charming enough for you to care, and goofy enough to make you think he's nuts... without being annoying. Great work.

Helen Bonham Carter STEALS THE SHOW! She's sooo good, she's so talented, so funny I couldn't wait for her to reappear onscreen. Pay close attention to the amazing acting she does with her face alone, because her body is slightly twisted for the movie. Mia Wasikowska does great as a curious, scared, confident Alice.

The characters were mostly CGI all of which are stunning. Great to look at, great voice acting and just overall a orgasm for the eyes. Anne Hathaway... I still think you're the most overrated actress in Hollywood, 'nuff said.

What I didn't like:

The story:
This is perhaps the deal breaker for me as far as giving this movie a thumbs up approval. The story is simple, and I understand that's good for families going to see the film, but come ooooon! I don't want to spoil anything, but I promise you this... you will leave asking yourself "who cares?" Seriously, why even make the movie with such a weak story? As I was watching the film, I thought to myself, "oh, this happened in the 1951 Disney cartoon. Oh those characters are in the cartoon. Oh that is a cool CGI version of the cartoon." There wasn't enough of a difference from the cartoon classic to consider this a true sequel, as much as a reboot with CGI. So disappointing there wasn't more meat to the story... SO DISAPPOINTING!

My own expectation:
Look, this is an interpersonal issue, and I understand that. But you're on our blog, so I'm assuming you care what we feel. I felt like I was so let down. I feel like it was such a lost opportunity to make something so special. The talent was there, the characters were there, the technology was there, but.... flat. So flat. A year now of solid anticipation and I walked out so let down.

Maybe I'm being harsh, maybe I "missed the point", but I really did feel let down. It's ok, Burton and company are going to be fine, because the movie is going to do well, VERY WELL. It was sold out 1:40 PM showing on Friday afternoon, a school day. So look for big numbers, check out the movie and lets compare scoring points.

My thumb is down.


Ashley said...

I thought Alice was awesome. Her character stood out the most to me. I loved that she was the heroine and a strong one. The story is simple but it relayed a good message. It was slow in some parts (Mark even fell asleep) and could have been a lot "darker" but the little ones would not have loved it.

Meagan said...

You didn't miss any point. Only a mindless moron would miss the point. The movie was quite forgettable. Awful, typical storyline; entertaining enough just to keep my interest. What saved the movie was yes,Helen Bonham Carter, and nice graphics, that weren't too CG (like Avatar)

FattMatt said...

Tonedog, I'm going to have to completely AGREE with you on everything you wrote.

The movie felt like more of a remake than a true sequel.

Anne Hathaway IS overrated. I've been saying that since watching "Rachel Getting Married."
And to be honest, I thought Depp was not on par. His deep voice that he would use sometimes really turned me away from liking the character.

Overall though, the movie was quite a let down.

"Thumb down" from me, too.