Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quickie: Jonah Hex trailer is finally online!

Let me keep it up to you to judge... what do you think about this? I haven't decided what I think yet.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quickie: New Inception movie poster

Not really anything revealing, just a cool poster from Christopher Nolan's Inception. Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually avoiding reading too much about the film. I like that I have no idea what I'm in for. All I know is it's about dreams, and that's ok. FattMatt taught me this little trick when The Bourne Ultimatum came out a few years ago. He REFUSED to see a single trailer for the film as not to spoil his movie-going experience. I like that. Now, I'm not that much of a purest (we have a movie blog after all); but I can appreciate not spoiling a surprise like Inception.

Tony: Kick-Ass review

Sorry for the delay everyone, but I've been a bit busy with the family business to be online blogging. So here it is, the Return of the King... my review of the comic-book film, Kick-Ass.

I know at this point I'm being redundant but, our blog is more about opinion than plot. Let's get right into what I liked and didn't like about the movie... let me give you a heads up, my likes far outweigh my dislikes!

What I liked:
The Concept/Story
The story is simple, but enticing. It tells the story of a kid who chooses to dress up as a superhero and fight crime against a Mob boss. Craziness ensues when the superhero (Kick-Ass) is joined by Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit Girl (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz). Like I said, the story is simple, very funny, and kept the audience engaged for the entire movie. I loved the pace of the film. It only slowed down to build up the characters, which is great. The rest of the time the movie moved forward very well. 

The Characters
Ho-ly moly! Hit Girl is one of the best, most bad ass characters in the history of cinema, and she's only 11 years old!!! That's right, Chloƫ Grace Moretz is only 11 years old calling people names that I'VE never used before. Nicolas Cage is awesome in this movie! He has to be tough, weird, a little creepy, but loving to his daughter, amazing job. Finally a movie OTHER than National Treasure where he does well. There is a scene between Cage and Moretz that is one I will never forget, just a hint... it involves him training her using a gun! I wont say anything else because it will give away the hilarity of the situation.

Now when it comes to Kick-Ass himself, great casting and a great job by Aaron Johnson. The rest of the cast is rounded out with some great performances... the mob boss played by Mark Strong, Red Mist played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Kick-Ass's real world friends played by Clark Duke and Evan Peters.

The Action
The action is great. The violence is over the top, but I think it has to be. You're trying to make us believe an 11 year old can kill 30 guys in a run down the hall, why not be over the top? Guns, check. Knives, check. Swords, check. There is nothing missing from the action in this film. Pay attention to an action scene that involves Nicolas Cage that feels like one long cut up and down a two story building, just fantastic!

What I didn't like:
Screen Time
Not really a complaint so much as wishing. I wish Nicolas Cage was in the movie more! Yeah, I never thought I'd say that either! Cage is so good as this character! I know this section is about what I didn't like, but I really really liked the movie. There's nothing else I could think of!

Go see this movie! And be ready for a ride. You'll laugh, you'll cheer and you'll clap your way through the movie. It's the most fun I've had at a movie since Iron Man two years ago; I mean it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quickie: How to Train Your Dragon sequel is coming!

Ever since I saw How to Train Your Dragon, I've wondered when Dreamworks would announce a sequel. Now they have! Coming in 2013, a sequel to the number one movie in America. Check out the press release from Dreamworks about their first quarter earnings.
2010 is off to a strong start, thanks in large part to the performance of How to Train Your Dragon, which – having grossed nearly $375 million to date in worldwide box office – has become DreamWorks Animation’s next franchise. We plan to release the sequel theatrically in 2013. 3D continues to have a tremendous impact on the industry at large and we are now looking forward with great anticipation to bringing Shrek Forever After, the final chapter in our beloved Shrek series and the first in 3D, to audiences across the globe next month.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Avatar on DVD and Blu-Ray today, will you be buying a copy?

Yes, today is the day a lot of people looked forward to as they walked out of the theater after watching Avatar. All of you know how much success the movie had in theaters, but will it have the same success on home video? Well, let's look at a few factors; some of you may care about and some I know you don't care about.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Actress set to be Little Red Riding Hood?

Remember when we told you there was a "Gothic" re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood coming? Well it's here. The title has been changed to The Girl with the Red Riding Hood.

The director, Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) is in place, so now the lead actors? Who will play Red Riding Hood? Reuters is reporting the "it" girl of the year, miss Amanda Seyfried will. This girl is everywhere man. Movies and TV, all over the place. The leading man is Shiloh Fernandez, a relative unknown.

The reports all agree the movie will be dark, very dark. I'm not opposed to any of this! I light dark, sadistic movies every once in awhile. Who am I kidding? I hate scary movies. Yes, call me all the names you want, I'm scared!

We'll keep you posted as news comes up.

Emma Stone's Easy A teaser clip

Ok, this blogger has a secret crush on Emma Stone, big time! She's super sweet, funny and looks great. She's a up and coming actress in Hollywood that actually DESERVES the success she's having.

She actually caught my eye in a little known show called "Lucky Louie", starring comedian Louie C.K. She had a guest spot on one episode and was so funny in it, when I saw her in Superbad, I was the only one in the theater that knew who she was!

She can play sweet (Superbad), she can play bad ass (Zombieland) and she can be sexy (House Bunny, kinda). For her age and experience in the industry, she really is a versatile actress. Ok, maybe I'm just patting her back because of my crush, don't tell anyone. But this is my blog and I can have a celebrity crush if I want to!

In her first starring role, Stone plays a nerdy high school in the upcoming comedy, Easy A. The studios summary:
After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne's in "The Scarlet Letter," which she is currently studying in school - until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. Written by Sony Pictures

Quickie: Avengers movie to start filming next February! broke the news via an interview with Samuel L. Jackson. He gave details into the Avengers movie: it's start date, the new director (Joss Whedon), cameos, etc. Just in time for the 2012 release date.

Jackson mentioned he will NOT be in Thor, but WILL be in The First Avenger: Captain America. Jackson also comments on how the Avengers will be the launch pad for his character of "Nick Fury".

Thus far it's been recorded cameo here and there (Iron Man 1 and 2). Jackson signed a 9 picture deal, so I can see how he's going to be in a bunch of the Marvel Universe. Speaking of the Marvel Universe; do you think they've done a good job keeping all the characters in the same "world"? Let us know what you think.

Great Iron Man 2 tv spot

I wouldn't post this unless it offered up some new footage we haven't seen yet, and this sure does! Check out the exchange between Iron Man and Whiplash!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What the heck happened to Clash of the Titans this weekend?

Good afternoon everyone. I came online to check the box office results and was BLOWN away by what I saw. Let's break it down a bit.

Number 1 this week, How to Train Your Dragon. WHAT?!?! It just all of a sudden leap froged a few spots to number one? I saw the film, and loved it, absolutely loved it. It was action, adventure, dragons, the whole nine. It was performing pretty steadily at the box office, but just couldn't grab the number spot, until this week. (NOTE: That might change as of tomorrow because the race between the first and second place movies was so close).

Number 2 went to a new-comer, Kick Ass. In all my estimations, I thought this movie was going to open number 1, and it stay may do so tomorrow. The movie has been getting great reviews, has a funny story line, and has a great cast. In fact, 13 year old actress Chloe Moretz is getting a lot of attention for her role as "Hit-Girl". Must be all that swearing and killing she's doing in the movie.

Number 3, Date Night. Just like this week, last weeks box office winner came down to the wire. Date Night looked like they had the top spot until Monday morning. They were battling it out with Clash of the Titans for number 1. So to see it drop to three isn't necessarily a bad thing, just surprising. Surprising because "Dragon" has been out for awhile now, and to see it take a leap above a movie that's been out for 10 days, that's crazy.

Number 4, also a newcomer, Death at a Funeral. Not a huge surprise; the movie landed where I think it was supposed to. I think it will do about the same number for the weeks coming up.

Number 5, surprise of the week, Clash of the Titans. What the heck? It was first place last week and drops to fifth place this week? Wha, who, ha, how? Well, after 2 seconds of thinking about it, I figured out why it dropped; BECAUSE THE MOVIE SUCKED. It took the movie crowds a few weeks to see it, but they finally came to their senses. There are a few other factors involved in the drop.

First is the fact that Kick-Ass and Death at a Funeral both came out this week. Kick-Ass especially demanded more screens at theaters. This gave "Titans" less screens, and less of a battle against the other movies in the top five.

Second is the fact that "Titans" was an abomination in 3D. So what do you think the theaters did? Including Valencia, CA... theater owners opted to use their 3D screens for "Dragon" rather than "Titans". This obviously boasted the ticket sales of one apposed to the other.

I guess, the overall theme of this rambling post is this; we're not going to pay for lame 3D movies anymore. These studios need to understand that the movie-going public will not just buy 3D tickets anymore, JUST to buy 3D tickets. The movie has to be shot in 3D, not just converted in post-production. Movies like "Dragon" that utilize the technology to better tell their story is the way to do it; rather than using it as a gimmick for kicks.

This blogger made a promise to himself never to see another 3D movie that was converted in post-production. This happened after the debacle that was Alice in Wonderland. No comment.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Screenwriters hired for He-Man: Masters of the Universe!

The exclamation mark is on purpose! Heatvision is reporting that the men behind the new Predators script, Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, have been brought on to write Masters of the Universe for Columbia. Back in September of '09 we told you about Columbia buying up the rights to the movie; and not much has been reported about the project since. So this is very exciting for me because I grew up watching He-Man the animated series, played with the toys and was about the only kid on the block that loved the 1987 film starring Dolph Lundgren.

Like the picture above? I've told you guys about the website before, but check it out; the artist is Greg Semkow.

UPDATE: Hahaha, I swear this wasn't planned. After I wrote the post, I went looking through some old photos my dad has been scanning and found this marvel... HAHAHA, I SWEAR THIS WASN'T PLANNED. 
That's me dressed as He-Man for Halloween and in case kids couldn't tell, the makers went ahead and wrote the name on the chest. LOL.

Unthinkable trailer looks a lot like anther film I know...

Check out this doozy of a trailer. The film is Unthinkable. It stars Michael Sheen as a terrorist who has planted three nuclear bombs in three major cities in America. The FBI has a secret weapon... Samuel L. Jackson. Also starring in the film are Carrie-Anne Moss and Superman himself, Brandon Routh.

I have an issue with this film... it's a carbon copy of one of my favorite Denzel Washington movies.. The Siege. Check out THAT trailer below.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 tickets on sale today, will it beat The Dark Knight's record weekend?

Visit Fandango for tickets to the midnight showing of Iron Man 2, May 6th. The movie looks to battle The Dark Knight for biggest opening weekend in history. I have my doubts though.

TDK opened to the tune of $155.34 million to top Spider-Man 3 for the biggest opening weekend in history. The web is flooded with predictions that the record will be broken, come May 7th. The picture above is courtesy of a movie blog in the UK, heyuguys. They put their money on Iron Man 2 winning this obscure race, I'm going the other way.

The Dark Knight:
Strong buzz

Critical praise

All star cast

Heath Ledger's death raised awareness of the film


Iron Man 2:
Strong buzz. Just like TDK, the online buzz is huge. The trailer is one of the most watched on the web and Jon Favreau is a Twitter nut (who we do follow); he's always updating fans on great info, casting, etc.

No praise so far, and in fact, the few people out there that HAVE seen it, say the story is not written well enough to keep us interested; something the critics panned the first film for.

All star cast, including the amazing Robert Downey Jr.

An awesome sidekick character in War Machine that has fans really excited. Also, I'd like to note, that War Machine would beat the ever living poo out of Robin! Know that!

I'm sorry, Mickey Rourke is great and all, but A) he's no Heath Ledger, and B) he's not playing The Joker.

It's Iron Man, yeah he's a cool character and Robert Downey Jr. was the man in the first film. Also, I'm sure the first film lifted comic book sales to unprecedented levels, but come on... it's Iron Man.

The door is open for all of us to discuss. Which will be a bigger hit at the box office, opening weekend? We have a month or so to discuss, so let's get started. I don't think Iron Man 2 has that intangible THING that TDK had. I don't know what it is. You can't see it or hear it, but it's something special that only comes around once every decade or so and I just don't see it in Iron Man 2.

Ps... I will be seeing Iron Man 2 opening weekend. ;o)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Quickie: Sex and the City 2 trailer

Love you ladies... enjoy. You too FattMatt.

Quickie: The Other Guys trailer.... great!

I had my doubts, but the trailer looks really really funny. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play The Other Guys. I love Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson's characters... Typical movie heros! Lol.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quickie: Harrison Ford joining Cowboys & Aliens

Jon Favreau just confirmed it via Twitter: @Jon_Favreau: Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in Cowboys & Aliens. Okay? He is. Please don’t tell anybody.

Ford is joining Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde in the comic book adaptation. Robert Downey Jr. was originally linked to the project but had to drop out because of scheduling conflicts. No more details right now, but I like the move and after the "Indy" films, it's easy to see Ford playing a cowboy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You know what's a good movie? (Part 4) Batman

Let's recap.

Part 1: Forrest Gump

Connection: Tom Hanks

Part 2: Toy Story

Connection: Pixar

Part 3: The Incredibles

Connection: Superhero Films

Part 4: Batman (1989)

So FattMatt and I need to apologize for not keeping this thing alive, but today we deliver. Batman, 1989... 'nuff said! I spent most of the past few hours "researching" this film. And by research I mean watching hours and hours of special features footage about the film. There's a lot to talk about, so let's jump right in.

Before this movie, there was no place for superhero movies the way there is now. Technology was not what it is today, and there was no way to produce these movies in way that would satisfy fans. Before Batman, there was the Richard Donner film, Superman: The Movie. That film proved you could make a good MOVIE that was about a superhero; it wasn't necessarily a good SUPERHERO movie. Batman carried on that tradition.

Also in 1989, the film's director was a relative unknown... Tim Burton. He had some success with Beetle Juice, but it is important to note that Beetle Juice LATER become the cult classic it is now. To add more doubt to the minds of everyone involved was the budget, at the time, it was the most expensive film in the history of the industry. In 1988, while the film was being made, Tim Burton was only 30 years old! Holy mother of wow!

The most controversial move of all was the casting of Michael Keaton to play the Caped Crusader; a move FattMatt and I LOVE! See, no matter who was cast, fans were going to be disappointed. This was a new take on Batman, never before seen on film. A dark Batman required a dramatic actor, not so much an action hero.

And for every Superhero film, you need a super villain; how about one of the best villains in comic book history... The Joker. The Joker was an obvious move on the part of the filmmakers. The trick of course was to cast someone GOOD enough to carry the roll. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jack Nicholson. Joker Jack; does it get any better than that? This version of the Joker was true to the source material, far different than the one depicted in the 1960's Adam West Batman TV Series. Nicholson played him with a charisma that made you love the bad guy, even though you didn't want to. Kudos to Mr. Nicholson, and I am a firm believer that NO ONE else could have pulled off Tim Burton's Joker better than Jack Nicholson.

Burton enlisted the help of Danny Elfman for the score.

Elfman's theme for Batman was so good, so popular, that the studio gave the score it's own soundtrack, apart from the soundtrack with songs by Prince, inspired by the film. The movie went on to gross over 400 million dollars worldwide! The movie and soundtrack were huge successes. It made Tim Burton the must-have director of his generation; it paved the way for Batman: The Animated Series; it lead to three live-action sequels; it opened the flood gates of comic book movies that we all know and love today.
The movie won an Oscar for Design and Nicholson was nominated for a Golden Globe for best Supporting Actor. A pretty good day at the office, Mr. Burton, a pretty good day.

Quickie: The Expendables trailer, great cameos, lots of action

Well, the trailer is what we thought it would be: one liners, explosions and a lot of action stars. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think. You going to watch it? Holler.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Megan Fox for Red Sonja, all of a sudden I don't care for this movie anymore

Gosh darn you, Robert Rodriguez! You couldn't stay together with Rose McGowan long enough to make this film right?! Well, apparently not. The two were an item (Rodriguez even left his wife for her, yikes). They were both set to make the Red Sonja remake, and they even released the two posters above to whet our appetites.

Rose McGowan is even set to co-star in the Conan remake, so it was obvious that her spin-off would go as planned (Red Sonja, is indeed a spin off of the older Conan films). Not the case.

Today its rumored that the title role is being offered to my favorite actress in the world, Megan Fox; for any idiot that can't read sarcasm, that was it. As soon as I read the headlines, I felt the need to rant... WHYYYY?! WHYYYY?!

She is the epitome of the pretty, overachiever. My God, the girl does NOT know how to act. Watch the Transformers' special features on DVD and hear how she got the part. Michael Bay says it clear as day. He asked for someone hot, "who could run and had a flat stomach." C'MON PEOPLE! Why is she getting this movie?!

Anywho, if this becomes official, we'll let you know... and if this rumor is shot down, we'll let you know FOR SURE!

(I'm mad that I spent 5 minutes making the picture above, lol).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quickie: Captain America fan art

I was over at Screenrant checking out their daily blog and came across this cool fan art of Captain America. It's obviously Chris Evens in there which is great considering the news of his casting is only a week or so old. What do you think about the casting choice now that we have an idea as to what he'll look like? Holler!

Step Up 3D poster and trailer... great dancing!

Ok, I have a big confession to make... please don't tell anyone, please! I own both Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets. See, there you go judging me for my choice in films! Ok, ok, so I bought them "for my wife" lol. And I have to admit, I may own both, but I've never seen either film. So this post is for my wife and every other teeny bopper that loves "dance flix". Enjoy.

Quickie: Resident Evil: After Life trailer

We posted some pictures of this film a few days ago, now enjoy the trailer.... Resident Evil: After Life! Milla! Woot!