Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Actress set to be Little Red Riding Hood?

Remember when we told you there was a "Gothic" re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood coming? Well it's here. The title has been changed to The Girl with the Red Riding Hood.

The director, Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) is in place, so now the lead actors? Who will play Red Riding Hood? Reuters is reporting the "it" girl of the year, miss Amanda Seyfried will. This girl is everywhere man. Movies and TV, all over the place. The leading man is Shiloh Fernandez, a relative unknown.

The reports all agree the movie will be dark, very dark. I'm not opposed to any of this! I light dark, sadistic movies every once in awhile. Who am I kidding? I hate scary movies. Yes, call me all the names you want, I'm scared!

We'll keep you posted as news comes up.

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