Saturday, April 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 tickets on sale today, will it beat The Dark Knight's record weekend?

Visit Fandango for tickets to the midnight showing of Iron Man 2, May 6th. The movie looks to battle The Dark Knight for biggest opening weekend in history. I have my doubts though.

TDK opened to the tune of $155.34 million to top Spider-Man 3 for the biggest opening weekend in history. The web is flooded with predictions that the record will be broken, come May 7th. The picture above is courtesy of a movie blog in the UK, heyuguys. They put their money on Iron Man 2 winning this obscure race, I'm going the other way.

The Dark Knight:
Strong buzz

Critical praise

All star cast

Heath Ledger's death raised awareness of the film


Iron Man 2:
Strong buzz. Just like TDK, the online buzz is huge. The trailer is one of the most watched on the web and Jon Favreau is a Twitter nut (who we do follow); he's always updating fans on great info, casting, etc.

No praise so far, and in fact, the few people out there that HAVE seen it, say the story is not written well enough to keep us interested; something the critics panned the first film for.

All star cast, including the amazing Robert Downey Jr.

An awesome sidekick character in War Machine that has fans really excited. Also, I'd like to note, that War Machine would beat the ever living poo out of Robin! Know that!

I'm sorry, Mickey Rourke is great and all, but A) he's no Heath Ledger, and B) he's not playing The Joker.

It's Iron Man, yeah he's a cool character and Robert Downey Jr. was the man in the first film. Also, I'm sure the first film lifted comic book sales to unprecedented levels, but come on... it's Iron Man.

The door is open for all of us to discuss. Which will be a bigger hit at the box office, opening weekend? We have a month or so to discuss, so let's get started. I don't think Iron Man 2 has that intangible THING that TDK had. I don't know what it is. You can't see it or hear it, but it's something special that only comes around once every decade or so and I just don't see it in Iron Man 2.

Ps... I will be seeing Iron Man 2 opening weekend. ;o)

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I watched this movie..
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