Monday, April 5, 2010

Megan Fox for Red Sonja, all of a sudden I don't care for this movie anymore

Gosh darn you, Robert Rodriguez! You couldn't stay together with Rose McGowan long enough to make this film right?! Well, apparently not. The two were an item (Rodriguez even left his wife for her, yikes). They were both set to make the Red Sonja remake, and they even released the two posters above to whet our appetites.

Rose McGowan is even set to co-star in the Conan remake, so it was obvious that her spin-off would go as planned (Red Sonja, is indeed a spin off of the older Conan films). Not the case.

Today its rumored that the title role is being offered to my favorite actress in the world, Megan Fox; for any idiot that can't read sarcasm, that was it. As soon as I read the headlines, I felt the need to rant... WHYYYY?! WHYYYY?!

She is the epitome of the pretty, overachiever. My God, the girl does NOT know how to act. Watch the Transformers' special features on DVD and hear how she got the part. Michael Bay says it clear as day. He asked for someone hot, "who could run and had a flat stomach." C'MON PEOPLE! Why is she getting this movie?!

Anywho, if this becomes official, we'll let you know... and if this rumor is shot down, we'll let you know FOR SURE!

(I'm mad that I spent 5 minutes making the picture above, lol).