Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quickie: New Inception movie poster

Not really anything revealing, just a cool poster from Christopher Nolan's Inception. Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually avoiding reading too much about the film. I like that I have no idea what I'm in for. All I know is it's about dreams, and that's ok. FattMatt taught me this little trick when The Bourne Ultimatum came out a few years ago. He REFUSED to see a single trailer for the film as not to spoil his movie-going experience. I like that. Now, I'm not that much of a purest (we have a movie blog after all); but I can appreciate not spoiling a surprise like Inception.

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Albert said...

So the setting of this movie looks a LOT like Dark City. You ever watch it, Tonedog? I may have to rewatch it right before Inception so I get in the right mood for it.

(It sorta kinda reminds me of the Matrix too)