Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unthinkable trailer looks a lot like anther film I know...

Check out this doozy of a trailer. The film is Unthinkable. It stars Michael Sheen as a terrorist who has planted three nuclear bombs in three major cities in America. The FBI has a secret weapon... Samuel L. Jackson. Also starring in the film are Carrie-Anne Moss and Superman himself, Brandon Routh.

I have an issue with this film... it's a carbon copy of one of my favorite Denzel Washington movies.. The Siege. Check out THAT trailer below.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen both films. And I can assure you that Unthinkable is a very different sort of movie. I will not go into details concerning the plot, but I will state that the trailer does not give justice to to the real weight of the film. You should take the time to watch it, if you enjoyed The Siege, I'm sure you will enjoy Unthinkable.