Monday, May 10, 2010

133.6 Million for Iron Man 2 is no Dark Knight

Iron Man 2 opened to a HUGE 133.6 million dollars opening weekend. The movie opened at the high end of it's studio's estimates (125-135 million). The movie was well below the record opening of The Dark Knight (158+ million). It was however the 5th biggest opening in history; pretty damn good!

I have to say I called this one. Last week I told you I didn't think it was going to surpass The Dark Knight's opening weekend numbers. I did give the movie a mostly positive review despite it's flaws. The rest of the movie going community feels the same way as I do... 74% at Rotten Tomatoes and 89% from their users.

I've spent most of the weekend reading reviews all over the net, and everyone is on the same page, which was refreshing. Most of the time, these big movies split people across a wide range of reviews; but with Iron Man 2, people all agreed about what they did and did not like.

Everyone also agrees that it's unfair to compare Iron Man 2 to The Dark Knight. Unless we're discussing box office numbers. So until the next HUGE comic book movie is released, The Dark Knight is still opening weekend king of the box office!

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