Saturday, May 1, 2010

Clash of the Titans Blu-Ray coming with a Green Lantern First-Look special feature

July 21... don't all of you go rushing to your local Best Buy at once. After the dismal 3D version shown in theaters, I bet Warner Brothers is looking forward to the 2D Blu-Ray release. And with that gem of a movie we're going to get a cool little extra; a Green Lantern first-look special feature. This will come just a few days before the San Diego Comic-Com which I'm sure Warner Brothers is going to debut a trailer, at the very least.

For us comic book nerds, this is a big deal, so I'm very excited, but the problem is I'll actually have to spend money on Clash of the Titans. Darn you Warner Brothers! Just kidding Warner Brothers, and if you have any job openings please let me know. Haha.

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