Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man in The Avengers?

This is some pretty cool news. The big rumor is Nathan Fillion has been cast as Ant-Man in Marvel's The Avengers movie. You may know Fillion from TV, "Castle", "Firefly" and the corresponding film, Serenity. He's a pretty good actor and has a very, very distinct voice.

In fact, he's done some work as a voice actor for Marvel's rival, DC Comics. He was in the 2009, straight-to-DVD animated film, Wonder Woman.

Here's a little bit about the Ant-Man character you guys may not know:

- His alter ego is Henry Pym, a brilliant scientist

- His powers the ability to shrink or grow to whatever size he wants, communicate with insects because of a special helmet he wears. Can fly when he wears special wings that transform him into Yellow Jacket

- Kind of a hot-head, like a Wolverine

- Not much of a team player, but will do what needs to be done to save the world

- Married to Wasp, another character in various versions of The Avengers

I like the casting of Fillion, he's a good actor. I think he has the physical presence to play Ant-Man and will do a good job. I hope the technology is there to sell the fact that he's going to be 50-100 feet tall. No offense to Favreau and company, but the robots in other movies looked better than the droids in Iron Man 2.

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Rachel the Ragamuffin said...

I'm sure Nathan Filion would do a fantastic job and I would not be disappointed, but personally, I would like to see Alan Tudyk play the part!