Thursday, July 29, 2010

redbox to start offering Blu-Ray discs for $1.50 a night, AWESOME!

There are a lot of movies that stir up controversy, same goes for actors/actress.  But rarely does the industry itself stir up controversy, until recently, with redbox.  What is redbox?  They are the popular DVD rental kiosks you see at your local department stores.  They only charge $1 (a max of $25) a night to rent movies.  Granted they don't have a wide a selection of films, or copies of each film, but a buck is a buck.

The controversy is this; is redbox diminishing DVD sales for the studios?

Some say yes.  Blockbuster is about to go bankrupt because of digital downloads and, in part, redbox.  The studios are suing redbox, and losing by the way.

Some say no.  The other argument is that the studios charge too much to purchase DVD's and Blockbuster with their late fees priced themselves out of the rental market.

My argument is the latter, the studios don't lose money, they just want to make MORE money.  I am an avid purchaser of DVD's and Blu-Ray's, literally thousands.  I don't download movies illegally and rarely do I rent from my cable provider or though my Playstation 3.  If anything redbox has encouraged me to buy MORE movies after I've rented them.

This is my logic... if I rent a movie from redbox for a dollar, and like it... I'm going to buy the movie.  This way it only cost me a dollar more than it would have, and I'm sure I like the film.  If I rent a movie from redbox for a dollar and don't like it... I just saved 15-20 dollars on buying a movie I've never seen and was not going to like.

Back to the story at hand.  redbox is now offering Blu-Ray discs for $1.50 a night, effective immediately.  I love this!  There have been movies I rented at redbox that I wish were in Blu-Ray, i.e. The Book of Eli.  That movie is visually stunning and would have been amazing in Blu-Ray's HD format.  That movie is another example of how renting the film first, encouraged me to purchase it later.

What's your opinion?  Do you have one?  Are the studios being greedy?  Or am I contributing to the devaluing of an entire industry?  Let us know.

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