Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Very Cool "Infograph" to Explain "Inception"

If you haven't seen the movie, DO NOT click on the "Read more" below. It is a graph that explains the movie in more detail. It's not exactly a spoiler, but it will ruin the overall experience of the film if you have not seen the film. If you have seen the movie, it will give you a clearer picture of what happened. Thank you GFR for the graph.

Click on the graph below to view it in its full size.


cliffclof said...

Hey guys. I'm going to let you know what I think is going on in short, but before that. My roomie actually got to ask Chris Nolan in person what the deal was with the ending and the movie. He said it was purposely left up to the viewers interpretation and there are multiple possibilities of what could be going on.


I think Cobb is dreaming the whole thing all along. In order to support this I would almost have to say he was not married. It works with or without him married, but for me makes more sense if he isn't. Why else would Cobb want to stay in a dream for so long, because he dreamed this beautiful wife and love.

The possibilities for two possible realities would be he is an ordinary nerd that is either the architect or tester for this new dream technology. Or he and his wife are in this technology together and she is trying to save him from a dream his subconscious is stuck in.

Supporting facts for this:
His kids don't change at all ever.
His wife is always trying to save him at every dream level.
Both Mal and Saito tell him to take a "leap of faith".
It is said "who would want to be stuck in a dream for ten years", with the quick reply, "It depends on the dream."
The girl (Ariadne) says specifically in the movie, "Do they know that the deeper we go into fishers mind, the deeper we go into yours."

There are more, I gotta go.

cliffclof said...

Okay more **SPOILER***

He also had no totem. It was his wife's.
And a major one here: When his wife and he woke up from the train running them over, there were no wires or anything connecting them.