Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Ghost Rider" Sequel Titled "Spirit of Vengeance," Takes Place In Europe In 3D

I guess the headline says it all, doesn't it? MTV is reporting that the Nicolas Cage starring Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, will in fact be in 3D, just when the trend was starting to die down a bit. But the cooler news is that it will take place in Europe, something Cage lobbied for, I guess.

The movie will film in Romania, home of Dracula... which sounds like it will be incorporated into the story somehow. Cage was quoted saying, "I'll be filming it in Romania, which is exciting, since that's where Dracula's castle is, the Ghost Rider has to ride up to Dracula's castle." Pretty cool stuff.

The movie starts production in a couple of months and Eva Mendes will NOT be in the movie, thank goodness! She was God awful in the first film where she was reduced to nothing more than cleavage shots. I'm still excited about this considering David S. Goyer is writing and the Crank men, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, are directing.

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