Friday, October 1, 2010

UPDATE: EMMA STONE NOW, Not Hilary Duff for Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man?

UPDATE: So it's been rumored this week that my new Hollywood crush, Emma Stone could be taking over the character of Mary Jane Watson in the new Spider-Man film. THANK GOODNESS! I was going to shoot myself if Hilary Duff really was cast for such an important role. What do you think about this update? Good? You better say it's good news! Emma Stone's doing well in theaters with Easy-A. The girl can act, and will be a perfect fit in the new world of Spider-Man.

Like really? Latinoreview is reporting that the Disney star, Hilary Duff, is rumored to star as Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming reboot of Spider-Man. Usually Latinoreview doesn't post hearsay or b.s. casting rumors, but they did on this one. Some reporter was interviewing her husband (an NHL hockey player) and saw a Spider-Man script with highlights on the character of "girl". C'mon! Well, those guys are usually on target so I'm posting it anyway.

I hate the idea, I hate bubblegum pop star, wanna be singer, former Disney queens; so no, I do not like this rumor. She can't act, dear God, we all know she can't sing. I would rather the druggie, law breaking Lindsay Lohan play Mary Jane Watson. At least she's a true red-head. No? Yeah I don't like that one either.