Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jon Hamm as Superman Rumor

The internet is a buzz today. What if Jon Hamm of television's Mad Men got the starring role as Superman/Clark Kent? Well, I'll give people one thing, he looks the part. I mean, look at the picture below of Hamm in Mad Men vs. the animated Clark Kent. Wow.

Why is this even coming up now? Because the movie is on the fast track to production. Plus it's fun to guess! I don't think Warner Brothers is going the Superman Returns route by casting an unknown. Thank goodness! Enough already. Director Bryan Singer's rationale is that Superman is an unknown to humanity and therefore he wanted to cast someone none of us knew. Well to hell with that, man! Enough. Casting a big name is the way to do it.

I have, since before Superman Returns, been adamant about WB casting Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ, Count of Monte Cristo). A great actor who looks the part. He could easily pull off the Clark Kent character; wholesome, family man type character, (see him in Frequency). But he could also play the commanding figure that is Superman.

No matter who stars, I believe the movie will be a success. There are other, key ingredients that have set this picture up for success. Christopher Nolan will produce, David S. Goyer is writing and Johnathan Nolan will possibly direct. We're getting there, folks. A Superman for our generation, no more bubble gum bullshit. Sorry for swearing, I hated Superman Returns so much. I was literally the only person in a group of 20+ people that had the guts to say I hated it as we were leaving the theater.

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FattMatt said...

"Superman Returns" sucked big time.

Hamm would be awesome!