Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Emma Stone Cast in "Spider-Man," But NOT as Mary Jane Watson

Emma Stone is indeed going to be in the new Spider-Man film, but NOT as Mary Jane Watson. Huh? We've been talking about Stone joining Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man for some time now, but we always assumed it would be as Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's red-headed love interest. Well let me tell you something. Sony wants this next franchise to be completely different than the previous, starting with Stone's character.

Stone will play Gwen Stacy, who was previously portrayed by Dallas Bryce Howard in Spider-Man 3. She's the beautiful blond who goes to the same school as Peter. Another thing to note is that Stone is naturally blond. She dyed her hair red for Superbad and it just kind of stuck.

I like what they're doing at Sony. The first franchise was so big, so successful, it's going to take clever moves like this one to differentiate between the two franchises. If you read this blog, you know Emma Stone is my Hollywood crush, so I love the casting aspect of all this, but I'm more intrigued by the choice of character (Gwen Stacy as apposed to the obvious Mary Jane Watson). Either way, Sony just improved their chances of getting my 12 bucks at the theater. It will probably be 18 bucks by the time the movie comes out. Ooouf.


FattMatt said...

To be honest, I'm tired of Spider-Man.

Tony Sayegh said...

I agree. And I don't know if I've ever written this on the blog, but I was so UNDER-whelmed by "500 Days of Summer". So I don't know what Webb will bring to the table. But, BUT... I was so sick of Raimi's campy style and tone, it's time for a bad-ass Spidy.

FattMatt said...

I didn't see "500 Days" yet, so I can't comment on that.
And yeah, I like Raimi, but he slipped up. Bad.