Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nicolas Cage's "Drive Angry 3D" Trailer

Well, it seems that Nicolas Cage has all but given up on making good movies.
On the plus side, at least this looks like a bad movie that will be fun to watch.
Drive Angry was shot in 3D and looks to be a lot like Death Proof. You can click the poster to enlarge.

Here's the plot (not that it matters) according to Slashfilm:
"Drive Angry 3D
is about a man who breaks out of hell to get violent, R-rated revenge on the cult who killed his daughter and stole her baby."

It's due out February 2011. Enjoy the trailer, from Yahoo Movies.


Tony Sayegh said...

Every time I think Cage has turned over a new leaf (Kick-Ass), he goes and does a movie like this. I understand you owe millions of dollars in back taxes, but come on dude, let's see you act, not always in a "blow stuff up" movie.

FattMatt said...

Agree to Agree.

Torrent Download said...

Frankly, this looks like the most awesome movie of the year. Nick Cage is amazing, even his terrible movies are fantastically entertaining, you can hate him all you want, but the man delivers Entertainment with a capital E. Cage was excellent in Kick Ass too.

Jim said...

It's another amazing movie, full of hollywood explosions and one liners, these kind of films are not as common any more which is a shame. I can't this kind film Drive Angry 3D the legendary actor Nicholas Cage.

Tony Sayegh said...

We posted this back in October, and for some reason it's only now picking up comments. Both DEFENDING Cage. Interesting.