Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coen Brothers Film "True Grit" Gets Posterized with a Trailer

FattMatt and I are huge fans of Joel & Ethan Coen. The men are brilliant in every sense of the word. Their ability of storytelling has been recognized time and time again, culminating with an Oscar win for No Country for Old Men a few years ago. True Grit is their latest, an adaptation of a novel by the same name. The brothers wrote and directed the film set to be released December 22nd. It stars last year's Oscar winner for Best Actor, Jeff Bridges. Also stars 2-time Oscar Nominee, Matt Damon. And returning to work with the Coen brothers, Josh Brolin, also an Oscar Nominee. Bridges also worked with the 'Brothers' on The Big Lebowski.

The movie also stars Barry Pepper (very underrated actor) and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld. It tells the story of a U.S. Marshal (Bridges) tracking down the man who murdered Steinfeld's father. The murderer is played by Brolin. Bridges and Steinfeld are accompanied by Matt Damon who plays a Texas Ranger. It follows the three on their quest for 'retribution'. Click the jump to see the trailer and read my thoughts.

Ho-ly wow. Ho-ly mother or wow. I mean I loved No Country..., but this is just ridiculous! I clapped, I cheered every one-liner Bridges had and was curious about Brolin and Damon's characters. Now, hot damn that's a good trailer. So can Hollywood still produce great westerns? I say yes! Your thoughts?

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