Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Cowboys & Aliens" Poster and World Premier Trailer

There are certain guys just about everybody loves in Hollywood. And this movie contains three of them. Director Jon Favreau can do no wrong in the public's eyes (we'll ignore Iron Man 2 for the moment). Then there is the new (and improved) James Bond, Daniel Craig. Last but not least, everyone's favorite action hero, Indiana Jones/Han Solo... Harrison Ford. The three teamed up for a comic book adaptation; we knew it would only be a matter of time, Cowboys & Aliens. I mean, come on, this movie is as obvious a summer hit as Monsters vs. Aliens was an animation dream. Click the jump to see the world premier trailer and read my thoughts.

A bit Tombstone, a bit Independence Day. The trailer really don't do much for me. I do like the visual style that Favreau has created out of dust and dirt. But the trailer to Green Lantern got me excited, I was clapping at the end of it. This one seemed a like a bit of a let down. Is it just me, or does Harrison Ford sound like a bitter old man? Oh well, maybe that's what his character is supposed to be. Then there's Daniel Craig who doesn't say much of anything in the trailer, but dude looks pissed! That was awesome. The beautiful Olivia Wilde is in the film and looks great.

The movie is produced by the super-duo Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. It's executive produced by Steven Spielberg. It will most definitely make money and be a huge summer hit. I'm just curious what the aliens look like, if there's any interaction with the cowboys, Daniel Craig's characters background, etc. Stay tuned for more; if there's another trailer, I'll try to put it up.

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