Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Green Lantern" World Premier Trailer!

The footage gives away the basic plot, but leaves much to the imagination. Blake Lively's pretty face is thrown in the mix and we get to see Mark Strong and Peter Sarsgaard as well. It has a unique style, similar to Iron Man if I had to choose one to compare it to. I doubt this will be "dark" as other comic book adaptations have been. And it shouldn't be. The Green Lantern character has dark days, but overall, Hal Jordan (human name) is a fun loving jokester. Ryan Reynolds will do well, deeeeeep down inside I'm still curious what Bradley Cooper would have looked like donning the cgi suit. Overall, the trailer did for me what its supposed to do, get me to want to watch the movie. You?

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capt. nibbles said...

done sold i want to watch this movie