Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Your Highness" Red Band Trailer

I love Danny McBride, I mean I really really love Danny McBride. I've been watching his work for a few years and I honestly think he's one of the most underrated comedy actors in Hollywood. The man really can do it all. Check out Up in the Air as well as Due Date if you don't believe me. Those are just co-starring roles; check out Eastbound and Down to see the man really shine!

The trailer below is for Your Highness; it stars McBride, James Franco, Zooey Deschanel and the gorgeous Natalie Portman. I kind of want you all to see the trailer and tell me what you think. Check after the jump for my comments.

Ok, what did you think? Different, no? I like it. I think it's an interesting and fun way to look at Medieval Times. We know based on Pineapple Express that there will be a lot of riffing and improv between Franco and McBride. McBride especially knows how to roll with the lines, even if they weren't intentionally written that way. Then there is the crush of a lifetime; Natalie Portman. My goodness, crushes come and go (Emma Stone this year), but Portman has had my heart for a long time. And she's all thonged out in this trailer which was awesome to say the least. Share your thoughts about this kooky comedy.

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