Monday, December 13, 2010

Hugh Jackman in "Real Steel" Trailer

I haven't had time to post this, but I enjoyed it enough to share. Check out the trailer for the Hugh Jackman starring, Real Steel. I'll tell you my thoughts after the jump.

Well, they did it. They took the kids game and turned it into a big budget Hollywood movie. More than can be said for some other toys turned movies. I still love the premise of the film. Humans aren't allowed to box anymore; so to quench people's thurst for blood (or oil in this case), robots go at it in the ring. The special effects are nice, as well they should be in 2010. The premise is there and so too is the action star. Should we hold off even more to say it's going to be good? I think we should. Let's wait for trailer 2 and the film itself to make any other conclusions.

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