Monday, December 13, 2010

"Three Stooges," Is Anyone Still Interested?

It had the perfect directors for the job: the Farrelly Brothers. The perfect Moe: Benicio Del Toro. The perfect Larry: Sean Penn. The perfect Curly: Jim Carrey. Now? Well, the Farrelly Brothers are still attached; hell they wrote the movie, they should be directing it.

First was Sean Penn dropping out to 'focus on his family'; that went well, he and his wife still got divorced. Then they recast him for Paul Giamatti, great! Then Jim Carrey dropped out because he didn't feel he could do the character justice with a fat suit; admirable. Then Giamatti and Del Toro were both gone due to all the postponements. So... does anyone still care?

I'd like to answer 'yes'. But, I'm going to be fickle and disloyal to the Farrelly Brothers. It's one of those situations where it's like, "if it happens, great. If it doesn't, I'll live". I would like to see a modern day trio of stooges, but it doesn't seem like this movie was meant to be.

Although this week, it has been revitalized. With MGM cleaning up its debt situation, the movie may go to Fox. It's full speed ahead, it starts filming in March. So, with THAT in mind, who plays the parts? Ok, here goes, off the top of my head, no real thought, just spit balling:

Moe: Tom Hanks. Hear me out! The guy is funny, period. He is funny. And remember where the man got his start: "Bosom Buddies". That was somewhat physical comedy, he could do it, I'm telling you.

Larry: Woody Harrelson. The man is versatile and can be really really funny, check out Zombieland. He has that long skinny face that looks like Larry and they could work the hair however they see fit. Woody is Larry.

Curly: Kevin James. In one of the most obvious casting moves there is, he's on a short list of big guys who can do physical comedy. He has a knack for it and could pull it off.

And my wildcard: Andy Samberg for a younger version of Larry. It must be the hair. Ok, that's enough. This was all for fun, we'll see what actually ends up happening as the brothers are saying they'll cast unknowns if they have to. Do you still want to see a Stooges film?

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