Monday, January 31, 2011

The King's Speech review

I'm trying, as fast as I can, to watch all the Best Picture nominees for 2010.  The King's Speech was next in line, and boy was it worth the wait.  Tom Hooper directs Colin Firth as King George VI of Britain.  He was the country's leader just before World War II, and struggled with a stammer in his speech.  Helena Bonham Carter plays Firth's wife, Queen Elizabeth.  Geoffrey Rush plays the king's speech therapist, and the two form a close friendship as they tackle, The King's Speech

What I liked about the film:
The Cast
What an amazing ensemble.  Director Hooper didn't cast the biggest names, he cast the right people for the roles.  Firth has already won a Golden Globe and a SAG award for his take on the king.  He will most definitely win Best Actor at the Oscars.  He is simply brilliant.  He became the king.  His confidence was conveyed through his eyes and body, or the lack of I should say.  When Firth was around Carter and his daughters, he was comfortable, confident and stood tall.  When he was in front of an audience, he fell apart.  He was flustered and couldn't mutter a word.  It was wonderful to see Firth with his children, where he could be himself.  And even after he become king, he wanted to embrace his children with no formalities, a contradiction to the way Firth's character was raised with his father. 

He WILL win his first Oscar.  Carter, also nominated for an Oscar gives a heartbreaking performance.  She wants to be there for her husband in any way possible; even if that means recruiting Rush as the king's therapist behind his back.  She is deserving of her nomination, and it was nice to see her recognized. 

Geoffrey Rush steals the show!  He plays a failed actor who has devoted his career to helping those with speech impediments.  Rush stands for his beliefs in the face of the king.  It's either his way or the highway.  So the king must work with Rush on a daily basis, in his office, not in the comfort of his palace.  One of the best aspects of Rush's performance is how sincere he is.  He WANTS to help the king succeed.  He sees through Colin Firth's stammer and knows what kind of king he could be.  It was so fun to watch Rush and Firth go through the exercises to improve the king's speech.  They're funny, yet warm moments between the two characters.  Too bad Christian Bale will win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter, otherwise it would be Rush's Oscar to lose.  Magnificent job.

Marketing genius: CG film "Rio" gets its own version of Angry Birds

If you don't already know, Angry Birds is one of the best, if not THEE best selling app on Apple's App Store.  Made for the iPhone, it has sold millions of copies, is rumored to be adapted into a feature film, and now is cross marketing with Fox studios.

Print marketing is almost dead, major corporations are pulling print ads left and right.  Even TV is losing advertisers.  The Super Bowl lost a regular in Pepsi last year because they felt the internet was the way to market their product.  So Fox is getting creative in marketing their new CG animated film, Rio.  In March, you will be able to download a Rio themed version of the game, Angry Birds.  Pretty smart right?  I think it's marketing genius, and if it's a hit, could be the marketing of the future.  Check out the trailer to Rio, here

I know I bitch a lot about how Hollywood wont take chances with creative ideas, and how they reboot or sequel anything mildly successful; but this is a fun, creative way to bring their film to a broader audience.  So am I being hypocritical, should studios stop worrying about a "build-in" audience?  Or do you agree, it's a cute and clever way to market the film?  Let us know. 

Henry Cavill's long journey to playing Superman

So yesterday the internet was a buzz with the news that British actor Henry Cavill was cast as the Man of Steel, Superman.  It turns out he has a pretty interesting story.  He was already cast as Superman before!  Check out this article from 2004 on MovieWeb.  He was cast when McG was set to direct.  That film (totally separate from Superman Returns) died out, and Bryan Singer took over the reigns.  Singer cast Brandon Routh and the rest was history.

THEN, Cavill was almost cast as Batman!  Turns out he was on Christopher Nolan's short list before ultimately casting Christian Bale.

THEN, Cavill was almost cast as James Bond, but lost the role to Daniel Craig.

THEN, Cavill was almost cast as Edward in the Twilight Saga.  That went to the douche bag of a generation, Robert Pattinson.

THEN, Cavill was almost cast as the Green Lantern, but lost the role to Ryan Reynolds.

Holy mother of wow this guy's been through a lot.  I mean those are four bonafide franchises the man lost out on.  I almost feel bad being so disappointed in the casting, but I don't.  I knew they wanted a relative unknown, so I can't say I was TOTALLY surprised by Cavill's casting.  I wanted someone who was more famous, but then I read an article in the LA Times

The article shares an obvious point... now Superman, Batman (Christian Bale, Welsh), Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield, UK), will all be played by British actors.  Not counting Thor (Chris Hemsworth, Australian), and Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds, Canadian).  The article makes valid points as to why Directors cast the actors they do.  Also, it looks at why the "charismatic" American actors, don't always do well, ala George Clooney's Batman.  It's an interesting article, check it out.  For now, I still don't like Cavill's casting and can only hope Producer Nolan and director Zack Snyder make me eat my words.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cava-who? Henry Cavill will be our next Superman

Henry Cavill, another relative unknown, will play the last son of Krypton.  And I couldn't be more disappointed.  Granted, the producers and filmmakers don't care what I think, but still.  Producer Christopher Nolan and Director, Zack Snyder, know what they're doing so I have to relax a little bit.  But really?

Back when Snyder was hired to direct, we had an idea they were going "younger".  But rumors kept coming out about various actors playing the part.  First was the Jon Hamm rumor.  I didn't totally believe this, because again, they said they wanted to go younger.  Then the Matthew Goode rumor came out, also to be proven wrong.  What about the original rumor that Brandon Routh would return and director Bryan Singer would not?  Oh man, all these rumors could give any movie fan a headache.  With the casting of Cavill, the rumors are put to rest.

I've seen Cavill's work, and I'm concerned to say the least.  He plays Guy Pearce's son in The Count of Monte Cristo, he was also in Stardust, costarring Robert De Niro.  He had a stint on TV's "The Tudors".  I don't know what to say really.  I hate the idea, but trust Nolan, Snyder and company.  Remember when Anne Hathaway was cast in The Dark Knight Rises?  I hated the idea, and still do.

But everything the filmmakers have done before has worked, and worked damn well too.  So I'll just have to wait and see screen shots and stuff before feeling better about this.  You know what else is weird, we really did hear about a short list of actors vying for the part.  Usually that's the precursor to the casting, but that wasn't the case with this.

Here's what Snyder had to say:
In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield.

Friday, January 28, 2011

You know what's a good movie? (Part 7) Mrs. Doubtfire

Part 1: Forrest Gump

Connection: Tom Hanks

Part 2: Toy Story

Connection: Pixar

Part 3: The Incredibles

Connection: Superhero Films

Part 4: Batman (1989)

Connection: Jack Nicholson

Part 5: The Departed

Connection: Matt Damon

Part 6: Good Will Hunting

Connection: Robin Williams

Part 7: Mrs. Doubtfire

I still pop this classic in the DVD player at least once a year, and it's still hilarious!  Director Chris Columbus gave us a film for all ages (as he often does).  That film... Mrs. DoubtfireRobin Williams stars as a lovable dad who can't hold down a job.  He's married to Sally Field, a very serious career woman who has little time for her kids.  The kids are played by Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence and Mara Wilson

When the parents file for divorce, it becomes harder and harder for Williams to see his kids.  So he comes up with a plan to dress as the kid new nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire.  When Sally Field's character starts dating Pierce Brosnan, hilarity ensues.

The movie is all about heart.  Yes, on the surface, it's a man dressing up like a woman, and being put into all sorts of uncomfortable situations.  But beneath the surface, is a story of a family who has an enormous amount of love for his children.  He loves them so much, he's so desperate to see them everyday, he's dressing up as a woman to do so.  That's what the best films are all about, heart.

The movie mostly follows Williams, Field, and their children.  Each character has an arc, some growth over the course of the movie.  I think that's important too.  Williams becomes a responsible parent, Field loosens up and enjoys her life, their son gets better grades in school, etc.
Plus there are some great supporting characters, like Williams gay brother, who is played by Harvey Fierstein.  These characters fill out the movie with just great all around performances.

Chris Columbus is one of my favorite directors in Hollywood.  He's done consistently good work.  His choice of cast, setting (San Francisco), score, montage, etc.; everything played into a real life scenario, which had us thinking, 'this is possible'.  Best of all, he knows how to capture people, real people.  This is just a dad wanting to be with his kids, it's so simple, but can open up a world of possibilities with a director like Columbus.

Then there is the star of the show, one of the best situation comedy actors of our time... Robin Williams!  Give the man a spoon and he'll make a funny situation out of it.  In the picture to the right, he made the lids to two pans funny, he's that good. Examples of Williams' genius: The way he's jealous of Brosnan's character and the relationship he's developed with Field, the way he picks up on women while he's in the suit, the way a man picks up on him while he's in the suit; all brilliant acting.

He nailed the accent to Euphegenia Doubtfire, his walk in the fat suit was funny, his reaction to women was funny, everything about Williams' performance was funny.  I loved him in this and can safely say, NO ONE else in Hollywood could have done what he did in this film.

Mrs. Doubtfire went on to gross 441 million dollars worldwide during its theatrical run.  That is an incredible amount of money.  There were a ton of movies before Mrs. Doubtfire that had a man or woman acting in a fat suit.  There are a LOT of movies that came out after Mrs. Doubtfire that tried it as well (i.e. Shallow Hal, and the terrible Big Momma's House).  But no one got it quite right like Columbus and company.  It's a movie with a great message, a ton of laughs, and has endured the test of time.  I absolutely love this film.

RED DVD review

Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox, Mary Louise Parker, Karl Urban, Helen Mirren AND John Malkovich are in the same movie?  Sign me up, I don't care what it's about.  Add a bunch of guns, chases, thrills and laughs... what do you get?  RED, which was just released on DVD and Blu-Ray this week.  The acronym, RED, actually stands for Retired: Extremely Dangerous. 

Our cast are all retirees that are being hunted down by someone.  They must work together to uncover what's going on and get to the bottom of the killings.  Great premise right?!  Now I'll tell you what I liked and didn't like about the film.  Let's begin.

What I liked about the film:
The Cast
How can you ignore a cast like this?  Every single actor does a great job in this film.  Willis is the newest retiree and is having trouble adapting to his new life.  He has become friends with Mary Louise Parker, and she's helping him cope with his boredom.  Freeman, Cox, Mirren and Malkovich are also all retired and have known each other for years.  They all contribute to solving the mystery going on around them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love & Other Drugs review... I want 2 hours of my life back!

When your married, or in a committed relationship for that matter, your significant other makes you go see films you otherwise wouldn't be caught dead watching.  This was one of those films.  Jake Gyllenhaal is a womanizing prescription drug salesman.  He's shallow and sleeps around.  Anne Hathaway is a young woman with a rare case of Parkinsons disease.  She wants to keep it casual and so does Gyllenhaal's character... at first.  This is going to be a short review because if the actors and filmmakers weren't going to try their best, neither am I.

What I liked about the film:
Oliver Platt and Hank Azaria
It's a pretty good indicator what a movie is going to be like when the best thing about it is the screen time of two supporting actors.  Oliver Platt is Gyllenhaal's mentor at Pfizer drugs.  Hand Azaria is a doctor who Gyllenhaal tries to sell his prescription drugs to.  Platt is hilarious and is the same character he always plays, but I like it.  Azaria is so diverse I bought he was a womanizing doctor who really cared for his patients.  Great job.

The Virginity Hit DVD review

Have any of our 10 readers even heard of The Virginity Hit?  It's a film starring an unknown cast, but produced by some big players in Hollywood... Will Farrell and Adam McKay.  The movie is about four friends, three of which have lost their virginity.  Matt is the four and final guy to try and lose his virginity in the bunch.  He's been with his girlfriend for 2 years, and he thinks their anniversary will be the day.

What I liked about the film:
In this day and age, it's all about Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.  In almost every movie featuring teenage characters, they reference these technologies.  TVH (The Virginity Hit) is no different.  It's shot in a very unique way; as a series of home videos/camera phone footage.  It's a unique look that works.  The friends have promised to chronicle Matt's journey to losing his virginity... and posting it to YouTube.  It's definitely in the raunchy comedy genre, but done so differently, it deserves a category all its own.

War Machine will get a solo spin-off from Iron Man

I always thought War Machine was a pretty cool character in the Marvel universe.  But is he cool enough for his own film?  Apparently Marvel thinks so.  Don Cheadle who played the armored hero will reprise his role, FOR NOW!  Remember the Terrance Howard debacle?  Or how about the Edward Norton debacle?  Yeah, no actor is a lock for a sequel with these guys.  For now, here's what Cheadle had to say about the spin-off:

Ed Helms' Cedar Rapids trailer and movie poster

Ed Helms is one of the funniest men on TV. His character Andy, is among my favorite aspects of NBC's "The Office".  The Hangover was another example of the funny man's work.  His next film is becoming a Sundance darling.  Cedar Rapids has Helms, an insurance salesman from a small town, heading to an insurance convention.  There he meets a big shot salesman played by none other than John C. Reilly, also an AtD favorite! 

The film also star Anne Heche and is directed by Miguel Arteta.  Arteta directed the Michael Cera film, Youth In Revolt.  He's also directed Reilly before in the Jennifer Aniston/Jake Gyllenhaal, The Good Girl.  Check out the trailer to Cedar Rapids below, enjoy!

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The Social Network DVD review

This time of year is really exciting for all movie fans.  The big question is, who will be nominated for the various categories at the Oscars?  To me, the Golden Globes are... meh.  Who cares?  Oscar is the real prize, and we're really close.  And one movie that has been a lock for nominations since the first trailer is, The Social Network.

The movie is written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher.  If you don't know, it's about Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of the phenomena,  Jesse Eisenberg plays Zuckerberg, the Harvard dropout that was just voted Time Magazine's "Person of the Year".  Pretty incredible considering the unbelievable growth of Facebook.  The film also stars Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake, who play the real life people who helped get the site off the ground.  The film also stars Armie Hammer, who plays the Winklevoss twins.  He plays dual roles; Cameron and Tyler, who sue Zuckerberg, accusing him of stealing their idea for Facebook.

Buried DVD review

Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds, was one of those movies that everyone was buzzing about.... but nobody saw.  It's not that no body saw it because it was a bad movie, it was mostly because it was in such limited release!  It debuted at Sundance to amazing reviews.  Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés creates an unbelievable masterpiece of creativity.  Let me begin.

What I liked about the film:
So your telling me the entire movie takes place in a coffin?  They will never cut away from the coffin?  Like, never?  Ok, SOLD!  The entire film (95 minutes), takes place inside a coffin buried several feet beneath the earth.  Ryan Reynolds plays an American truck driver in Iraq, who's fleet was ambushed by insurgents.  He's put in the coffin with nothing but a cell phone, a new glow sticks, a flask and a knife.

We've seen movies before that take place in one, maybe two settings, i.e. Phone Booth.  But they're nothing like Buried.  Cortés does an amazing job of keeping the crowd interested.  There's never a dull moment during this film.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow, Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises; Tom Hardy will play Bane

A fan made mock-up

Remember the rumor about Megan Fox playing Catwoman?  Remember the Angelina Jolie rumor?  Yeah, I do.  Well, all the rumors can be laid to rest, Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman... and I hate it.  If you've ever, EVER read this blog, and see Anne Hathaway's name, it's usually in a negative light.  She is the undisputed, most overrated actress in Hollywood.  I just keep saying to myself... 'Director, Christopher Nolan has never let you down'.  I have to believe he made the right choice for the film.

Last week I posted about the 6 women vying for 2 major roles.  We knew Hathaway was in the running, but all along we thought the roles were that of Talia al Ghul and reporter Vicki Vale.  Not so.  It's official, the first of two lead female roles is Selina Kyle. 

Along with the casting of Hathaway, we now know who Tom Hardy will play in The Dark Knight Rises.  Hardy will play the second villain, BaneHardy was cast back in October; but no one knew who he was going to play in the film.  Most people guessed Dr. Hugo Strange or Black Mask.  Both characters seemed to fit in Nolan's "real world". 

The internet/Twitter/blogs all went nuts at the announcement.  Nolan was bound to choose a lesser known villain that the Batman films in the past.  But Bane was already portrayed (horribly) in Batman & Robin.

Bane was created in 1993.  He's both brilliant and has superior strength to Batman.  He was a prisoner at one point; and the aforementioned Dr. Strange tested a new drug called "venom" on him, which acted as a steroid.  So maybe Dr. Strange will still be a player in the film, maybe even a cameo.

Like I said about Nolan before, I trust him, unquestionably.  So I know he'll find a way to make this work! 

Want to see some Irony at it's best?  Check out the picture to the right.  It's a fan made poster of Bat Girl, featuring none other than Anne Hathaway.  Considering it was on the internet soon after The Dark Knight was released in theaters, that's some irony!  Hate it or love it, Hathaway is in the film.

Photo of "Dredd" motorcycle

This little treat is from slashfilm.  It's a photo from the set of the new comic adaptation, Dredd.  We’ve covered it for a while here on AtD.  Karl Urban will fill the shoes of the lead character in hopes of erasing the memories of the Sylvester Stallone version.  Enjoy folks!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Captain America photo

Click to Enlarge
The LA Times gets all the good stuff!  Here's another pic of Chris Evans in full uniform in Captain America: The First Avenger.  The movie is set to be released in the Summer, but the pictures keep on a-comin'.  I'm sure we'll see a trailer within the next few weeks, most likely during the February 6th Superbowl.  But we'll have to wait and see.  Enjoy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New "Sherlock Holmes 2" Picture

This is the second picture to be released and it comes from an article in the LA Times. The article talks about the plot for the sequel to the 2009 smash hit. I loved the first film and so did Matt. Both films are directed by Guy Ritchie. We're both looking forward to this Christmas weekend when the sequel will be released. That is all for now kids!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

6 Women, 2 Roles, 1 Huge Movie... "The Dark Knight Rises" Leading Women Casting

Click to Enlarge
The title summarizes the situation, I'll go into more detail. The Dark Knight Rises is the third Batman film in Christopher Nolan's trilogy. The first was Batman Begins and it introduced us to a great villain that could live in Nolan's "real world". The villain was Ras al Ghul, played by the great Liam Neeson. Click the jump to hear about the rumored female characters, as well as what I think of each actress up for the roles.

Another "Sucker Punch" Poster, Can Not Wait for This One!

Click to enlarge
This is probably the last poster for Sucker Punch before its March 25th release! Now we've discussed Zack Snyder on here a lot, so it should be no surprise we're excited for this film. For the trailer and synopsis of the film, just click here. Everyone else, prepare... not only do we get the visually stunning Sucker Punch in two months, but Superman in less than two years! Sorry, already excited now.

First Look at Both Spider-Man and Captain America!

Click to see a much larger version of the pictures
Pretty awesome huh? Our first look at Marc Webb's Spider-Man! The picture above is that of Andrew Garfield in the first official photo of the web-slinger. I have to tell you, I like the direction it's headed. I read a lot of sites online today and they all seem to think the suite looks "more homemade". I disagree. Not too many high schoolers Peter Parker's age know how to make something look that good.

Second thing I noticed took me by surprise! Look at the back of Garfield's wrists.... there are nozzles there for his web to come out. See, in the original comics, his web was artificial, not organic like it was portrayed in the Sam Raimi trilogy. This is a pretty cool throwback for the fans, and helps to differentiate the film from its predecessor.

Then there's this gem! The first official photo of Chris Evans as Captain America! I have to tell you, I didn't like it the first second I looked at it. I thought it was too bright and too vintage (if there is such a thing). But after looking at it a bit more, I think it's great. I think it only appeared to be too bright because of the soldiers behind him dressed in black, as well as the black truck.

The shield is a bit deceiving. We know Tony Stark builds Captain America's shield, they gave it away in Iron Man 2; so is this it? Its important to note that Captain America: The First Avenger will take place years ago, before our hero gets frozen. BUT, we know S.H.I.E.L.D. unfreezes him and brings him into The Avengers. So this may be a shield prior to the freeze, or Stark's shield, made of adamantium. Love it, sign me up!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Thor" International Poster

Click on the image to enlarge
The movie is getting closer and closer to release. This is a pretty cool poster they're releasing overseas. Thor is set for release May 6th of this year. Not really gaining the buzz of more prolific superheros that got their own movie. But you have to consider it has a high caliber director in Kenneth Branagh and it's stars Chris Hemsworth and Oscar hopeful Natalie Portman add some intrigue. We'll have to wait and see what the exact figures end up being; but I doubt it will reach Iron Man numbers, that's my honest assessment. Do you think it'll be big?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tony: "True Grit" Review

To check out Matt's review of the film, click here. Now, I haven't read Matt's review because I've been looking forward to this movie since I first saw the trailer. It's brought to you by the brilliant Coen brothers, Joel & Ethan. The pair won director Oscars for No Country For Old Men, which also took home the Best Picture Oscar. Now comes True Grit, a good old fashioned western. The movie stars Hailee Steinfeld, the 14 years actress getting a lot of attention. She hires Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon to track down the man who killed her father. The killer is played by Josh Brolin. Read my likes and dislikes after the jump!

Eminem To Star In a Thriller, "Random Acts of Violence"

We all thought Eminem was set to star in a 3D Horror pic, Shady Talez. But now reports having him in a serious thriller titled, Random Acts of Violence. THR first reported it and say the movie is at Fox. Eminem will play ex-con who is pressured to join his old gang while also being pressured by the FBI to be an informant. Sounds interesting, and I do believe Eminem is an excellent actor. And no, I'm not partial to Marshall because of his music career. He proved he could act in 8 Mile, now is his time to take it to the next step.

I still hope they make Shady Talez though. When I first wrote about it, I didn't think it would go away as fast as it did. What about you. Shady Talez or Random Acts of Violence?

Colin Farrell Cast in "Total Recall" Remake. Why Is There a "Total Recall" Remake in the First Place?

Colin Farrell has been cast in the pointless remake to Total Recall. The original starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm only posting this because it further proves that Hollywood is fresh out of ideas. That is all, have a lovely evening.

"Sucker Punch" Banner Features Its Beautiful Stars

Click on the image to enlarge
Check this beauty first revealed by JoBlo. The women of Sucker Punch! Zack Snyder's film about a fantasy world filled with fighting beauties is one of the most talked about movies of the year. The visuals blew us away when the trailer premiered. It's set for release March of this year. Here's a brief synopsis from the official website:
Sucker Punch is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, and her incredible adventures blur the lines between what's real and what is imaginary.
I can't wait for this movie! I love Zack Snyder's work and was ecstatic when I found out he would be directing the next Superman film. But for now, here's the trailer to Sucker Punch, enjoy:

Red Skull Concept Art

The superhero movies keep on coming. Here is a treat from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. Some cool concept art of Red Skull I saw on LatinoReview via TheDailyBlam. I am getting more and more pumped about this movie as we approach its release. I love the wardrobe, its scary in and of itself. The captain's arch nemesis is Red Skull who will be played by the PERFECTLY cast, Hugo Weaving. What do you think of the villain?

"S.W.A.T. Firefight" Trailer

We don't usually feature straight-to-DVD films on the blog unless they're animated superheros, but this one is a good one. Remember S.W.A.T. starring Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell and Oscar nominee, Jeremy Renner? Well, this is a sequel of sorts. Check out the trailer to S.W.A.T. Firefight. It actually looks pretty impressive for straight-to-DVD. But don't be fooled, I thought Smokin' Aces 2 looked good until I watched it. Oh me oh my!

This one stars Gabriel Macht (The Spirit), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) and Kristanna Loken (coincidentally, Terminator 3). Enjoy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Joe Johnson Apologizes for "Wolfman," Explains His Prep on "Captain America"

Who saw the Wolfman by Joe Johnson? It was a disaster to say the least. I was sort of surprised he got Captain America after the disaster that was Wolfman. There was rumor after rumor about the quality of the film, onset fights, etc. Well, I saw the film and am a bit sad. Sad because I know it could have been so much more. The actors were in place (Benicio Del Toro, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt). The style Johnson was shooting for was unique and modern, but the story fell so flat no one cared what the movie looked like.

So Johnson is now apologizing for the movie, and basically taking the blame. This is from Joblo via ComicBookMovie. Read the excerpts and my thoughts after the jump.

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Knocked Up" Spin-Off Coming Soon

When Knocked Up came out in theaters, it changed my life. Forever I would hear 'you look like the guy from Knocked Up'. Thanks? I think. That movie starred Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl in one of the most successful comedies ever. Writer/director Judd Apatow cast Leslie Mann (his real life wife), as Heigl's sister. And Paul Rudd played Mann's husband in the film.

Well, much like Russell Brand got a spin-off from Forgetting Sarah Marshall to Get Him To The Greek... so too do Mann and Rudd. Apatow is in the process of writing the film and I'm sure it will be released late this year or early next.

I really REALLY liked Rudd's character in the film. He's this really down to earth, doesn't get upset about much, kind of guy. This is great contrast to Mann's character in the film. I really like Leslie Mann, I think she is so versatile, so funny, she can do no wrong in my eyes (check out 17 Again, she's beautiful). So I'm totally ok with this spin-off!

Really the only thing left to discover is whether Rogan will reprise his role from Knocked Up to this spin-off. We all know Heigl will not be welcome anywhere near the movie! She's such a moron... she accused Apatow of making the film appear sexist towards women instead of thanking him for everything she has. Instead we get Oscar worthy performances in 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, Killers and Life As We Know It. The woman should just shut up and go away!

On a lighter note... I give you... my twin

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"The Mechanic" Red Band Trailer. Thank you Jason Statham!

As if the guy hasn't given us enough action gems! Now Jason Statham brings us The Mechanic. It's an action thriller co-starring Ben "I'm always mad" Foster. Statham has been very consistent in his career. He stars in satisfying action movies like The Transporter and Crank. It's a red band trailer so there's a bunch of adult content, beware. Check out the trailer below for his latest... The Mechanic.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"The Fighter" Review. Brilliant.

It's awards season. Its the time when all the Oscar contenders come to the forefront for all to see. There are always 4 or 5 movies that get a lot of attention before the awards. One of those movies is The Fighter.

In a rare case where the trailer actually WAS an indicator of the movie, I looked forward to this one for a few months now. I have a lot to say so I'm going to jump right into my review. I'll go over a few things I like and what little I didn't like about the movie.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

FattMatt: "True Grit" Review

31 years after the original True Grit, the Coen Brothers decide to put out a remake with the same name. Well, its not really a remake. The new film is based on the same novel that the older film is also based on, True Grit by Charles Portis. That's the reason that I didn't bother watching the original film yet before writing this review.

The story centers around Mattie Ross, a 14-year-old girl who is out to find Tom Chaney, the man that murdered her father, and bring him to justice. To help her, she enlists U.S. Marshall 'Rooster' Cogburn, an old, one-eyed drunk that she has heard is the best man for the job. A man that has true grit.
Let's dig in.