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6 Women, 2 Roles, 1 Huge Movie... "The Dark Knight Rises" Leading Women Casting

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The title summarizes the situation, I'll go into more detail. The Dark Knight Rises is the third Batman film in Christopher Nolan's trilogy. The first was Batman Begins and it introduced us to a great villain that could live in Nolan's "real world". The villain was Ras al Ghul, played by the great Liam Neeson. Click the jump to hear about the rumored female characters, as well as what I think of each actress up for the roles.

Well, it's been rumored that Talia al Ghul will be the main villain in the TDKR, set to avenge her father's death. The rumor works on many levels. First of all, it fits within the world that Nolan has created. It COULD happen. Second, and I think more importantly is, it brings the trilogy full circle, and supplies a fitting end to an amazing run for Nolan. When I go through all the actresses that are up for the part, you can begin to see the physical similarities for this character.

The second female character to be rumored for the film is Vicki Vale. Remember when Kim Basinger played the character in 1989 for Tim Burton's Batman? She's the investigative reporter for Gotham. I can only assume her character will be investigating the whereabouts of Batman, as he was cast out at the end of The Dark Knight. You will also notice physical similarities to this character from a few of the actresses.

First, Keira Knightley. I love this pick. She would make an amazing Talia al Ghul! She looks the part, as in, she could be Liam Neeson's daughter. She has the physique, she's been in plenty of action movies. Plus, she has an accent which could play well into the story if she was raised chasing her father around the world. And last but not least, she's a good actress! Yeah, that IS still important to Mr. Nolan.

Next up is an actress I do not like, nor do I want in this film! Jessica Biel would definitely look the part of Vicki Vale, but I don't like her, so we're going to move on.

Another actress I don't like! Anne Hathaway is, I've said it before, and I'll say it again... the most overrated actress in Hollywood. I just don't understand it to be honest with you. She could NEVER pull off Talia, but possibly Vicki. She reminds me too much of Katie Holmes though and I hope that works against her.

Then there is lesser known Kate Mara. I liked her in The Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg, albeit a very small role. She physically looks the part of Talia, but I don't know. She is smart and sexy and could probably play Vicki as well. I like the dice Mr. Nolan is rolling.

Next up is a definite unknown to American fans... Charlotte Riley, who just so happens to be engaged to Tom Hardy; who has already been cast in TDKR after his amazing role in Inception. She must be up for the role of Talia. She looks the part, has an accent and could do well. I've never seen her work, but read a few bios, and it looks good.

Last but not least is Gemma Arterton. I loved her in Prince of Persia, and thought she did what she could with 007: Quantum of Solace. I think she would be up for Talia as well. I liked her in the past, but hope Nolan passes on her for this one, she just wouldn't fit in, I think.

I have to tell you who the dream casting would be... Keira Knightley for Talia al Ghul and Kate Mara for Vicki Vale. I think they're both classy, sexy and all around good actresses. Whoever it is, they're going to have to prove themselves to Christopher Nolan. That makes me feel better no matter who gets picked. We'll keep you up to date as I'm sure a decision will be made in a week or two. The movie starts shooting in May so there's no time to waste!

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