Monday, January 31, 2011

Marketing genius: CG film "Rio" gets its own version of Angry Birds

If you don't already know, Angry Birds is one of the best, if not THEE best selling app on Apple's App Store.  Made for the iPhone, it has sold millions of copies, is rumored to be adapted into a feature film, and now is cross marketing with Fox studios.

Print marketing is almost dead, major corporations are pulling print ads left and right.  Even TV is losing advertisers.  The Super Bowl lost a regular in Pepsi last year because they felt the internet was the way to market their product.  So Fox is getting creative in marketing their new CG animated film, Rio.  In March, you will be able to download a Rio themed version of the game, Angry Birds.  Pretty smart right?  I think it's marketing genius, and if it's a hit, could be the marketing of the future.  Check out the trailer to Rio, here

I know I bitch a lot about how Hollywood wont take chances with creative ideas, and how they reboot or sequel anything mildly successful; but this is a fun, creative way to bring their film to a broader audience.  So am I being hypocritical, should studios stop worrying about a "build-in" audience?  Or do you agree, it's a cute and clever way to market the film?  Let us know. 

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