Monday, January 24, 2011

The Virginity Hit DVD review

Have any of our 10 readers even heard of The Virginity Hit?  It's a film starring an unknown cast, but produced by some big players in Hollywood... Will Farrell and Adam McKay.  The movie is about four friends, three of which have lost their virginity.  Matt is the four and final guy to try and lose his virginity in the bunch.  He's been with his girlfriend for 2 years, and he thinks their anniversary will be the day.

What I liked about the film:
In this day and age, it's all about Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.  In almost every movie featuring teenage characters, they reference these technologies.  TVH (The Virginity Hit) is no different.  It's shot in a very unique way; as a series of home videos/camera phone footage.  It's a unique look that works.  The friends have promised to chronicle Matt's journey to losing his virginity... and posting it to YouTube.  It's definitely in the raunchy comedy genre, but done so differently, it deserves a category all its own.

The Cast
The cast used their real names for their characters to make the film feel more authentic.  I don't recognize anyone in the cast, but they're all terrific.  The actors had a real chemistry between them.  They gave each other a lot of crap but you could see they all genuinely cared about each other.  Great cast!

The Story/Heart
There are so many raunchy comedies out there that don't work, because there's no heart.  They don't make us care about the characters, TVH works.  I cared about Matt and his journey.  I felt bad about his childhood and what he's been through.  The story was well written and the delivery from the actors comes off as improv, which worked in the film.

What I didn't like about the film:
The Absurd
The movie feels real for the most part.  But as soon as it strays away from that and tries to do more, it doesn't work.  There were a few exaggerated scenes that took away from the film more than they added.

The verdict:
Hilarious with heart
It's a film you should see, especially in a group of friends.  It looks different than any movie you've seen; it doesn't have a glossy, polish finish to it.  It's raw footage, that's as real a depiction of this generation as it gets.  Teenagers are doing the things depicted in the movie, period.  Off subject, read here about the controversy surrounding the billboard to the left.  The film gets a thumbs up from me.

I know this is a "DVD review", but the DVD of the film I rented had literally no extras.  Which is too bad.  It was an independent film, but It would have been fun to see the behind the scenes goodies.  Go out and see this movie guys, then let me know what you think!

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