Monday, January 24, 2011

War Machine will get a solo spin-off from Iron Man

I always thought War Machine was a pretty cool character in the Marvel universe.  But is he cool enough for his own film?  Apparently Marvel thinks so.  Don Cheadle who played the armored hero will reprise his role, FOR NOW!  Remember the Terrance Howard debacle?  Or how about the Edward Norton debacle?  Yeah, no actor is a lock for a sequel with these guys.  For now, here's what Cheadle had to say about the spin-off:

Yeah they’re developing it now, they’re working on that.  I think they’ve hired a writer and so, you know, we’ll see how it goes. It’d be a lot of fun.  I don't think he shows up in ['Avengers'].  I think he's kind of a lone wolf.
That's an interesting comment towards the end of the quote.  I haven't really given The Avengers much thought of late.  Now we know War Machine isn't in the film.  But it makes sense because Marvel needs films to fill the calendar after The Avengers is released.   

One of my "dislikes" on my Iron Man 2 review was Cheadle himself; or the misuse of Cheadle anyway.  He was just a passenger on that poorly made ride.  I think he's a great actor, I just don't really like him for this.  Maybe I'm alone, but I thought Terrance Howard was a more fitting War Machine.

So are you excited to see a War Machine spin-off?  Or do you even care?

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Yeah i Think Terrance Howard would be a better War Machine, He's got the "look" of awesomeness. Plus he has a little bit of humour. I think Cheadle is a good actor but does not fit the War Machine.