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UPDATE: 5 Women, 1 Role, 1 Huge Movie... "Superman" Leading Woman Casting

Lois Lane casting choices
Olivia Wilde:
Olivia Wilde has joined the competition.  That's what LatinoReview are reporting.  This is a VERY interesting rumor.  I like Wilde (I'm a fan of TV's "House").  I think she's a smart, talented and a very sexy actress.  I would be totally OK with her playing Lois Lane.  McAdams is still my hands down favorite, but Wilde is great.  Read the post from yesterday below to see who all the other actresses rumored to play the part are.

If the title looks similar to a title a few weeks ago, it's on purpose.  A few weeks ago, we were all guessing who was going to be cast in the next Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.  That question has been answered... Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman.  Now?  Now it's time to talk about Superman's leading lady, Lois Lane. Click the jump for more.

Hollywood Insider has a list of 5 potentials and 2 long shots.

5 potentials:

Kristen Stewart:
Please God no.  Please God no.  The end.

Malin Akerman:
Now this actually makes SOME sense.  She's worked with the director of Superman, Zack Snyder, before.  That movie, Watchmen, sort of put her on the map.  I like Akerman, but not for this.  This is needs to be a powerful leading lady, and when I think of Akerman, I don't see it. 

Dianna Agron:
I don't know much about this girl, but what I do know, I don't like.  I think she is too inexperienced to play such an important role.  She's mostly done television, and that's not neccessarily a bad thing, but for Superman, we need a better actress.  She IS young, and that's what Snyder and company are shooting for, so you never know.  Check out her limited IMDB.

Jessica Biel:
Next up is an actress I do not like, nor do I want in this film! Jessica Biel would definitely look the part of Vicki Vale, but I don't like her, so we're going to move on.

By the way, the above is exactly what I wrote about her when the news came out she was auditioning for The Dark Knight Rises.

Rachel McAdams:
Awww, the best for last.  And what I like to say, "I told you so".  In early December of last year, there was a rumor Anne Hathaway was up for Lois Lane.  I hated it of course, being that I hate her acting.  So I gave my own two cents.  You know what my two cents were?  Rachel-McAdams!  I suggested to you 5 readers of the blog, that McAdams be cast if they were going younger.  What do you know?  She's reading for the part.  I love McAdams.  She is by far, the best actress on this list.  It would make me a happy man if she was cast and we could all begin to forget the horrific job Kate Bosworth did with the character.

The long shots:

Kristen Bell:

I saw these two ladies rumored on  I have a crush on Bell that is hard to describe.  I think she is REE-DICULOUSLY hot!  But Lois Lane she is not.  That rhymed.  Bell is fun, spunky and that side of Lois Lane is important, but nothing about Bell says "take me seriously", so we cant.  I love her, but not for this. 

Mary Elizabeth Winstead:
All I have seen her in were two movies.  The first being Final Destination 3, and I walked out the film.  The second was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and I loved her in the that film. I like the idea, but with McAdams in the running as well, it's hard to choose Winstead.  But still a great choice.

There you have it guys, and girls.  The 5 leading ladies that want to steal Superman's heart.  Then there's the two wild cards, but we wont count them.  Who should play Lois Lane along side Henry Cavill?

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