Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adrianne Palicki is this generation's Wonder Woman

The title pretty much speaks for itself, but I can clear up a few things.  "Wonder Woman", the DC Comics legendary character will come in the form of a TV screen, not a Hollywood picture.  NBC has the rights and the show is set to air within the next year.  The producers have promised it will be a much more serious than the campy 1970's version that had men drooling over Lynda Carter. 

I have never seen any of Adrianne Palicki's work.  I know she stars in the TV version of "Friday Night Lights" and was in last year's Legion.  If you can't tell already, she's stunningly beautiful.  I also read she's tall, which may serve well for the show.  If you know anything about Palicki, let us know.  Have you watched her past shows, is she any good, etc?  I have Legion on Blu-Ray so maybe I'll watch it tonight and see what she's all about. 

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