Friday, February 11, 2011

Director Simon West, Amber Heard, Red Sonja? No thanks.

First it was Rose McGowan dawning the bikini in a Robert Rodriguez remake of Red Sonja.  Then that picture was delayed due to drama in Rodriguez's personal life.  Then there was the God awful story that Megan Fox might play the comic book hero who Brigitte Nielsen made so popular.  Now now this?!

I dislike Megan Fox and her acting very much.  So today the rumor is Amber Heard is taking the reigns with Simon West directing.  I don't like Heard's acting AT ALL.  I think she's just like Fox, another pretty face that became famous and can't act.  Worst part is, she's actually getting a lot of roles, unlike Fox who can't land a movie if she paid for it.  West is an interesting choice.  He directed Con Air and the first Tomb Raider, but nothing else is really standing out on his resume.  I would have rather Rodriguez's vision, especially considering the poster below.  Rose McGowan looking bad ass!  Oh well, we'll see if this rumor is verified in the next week or so.  Your thoughts?

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