Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amy Adams will play Lois Lane in Superman reboot! ... my thoughts on the reboot

So this is what perfect casting looks like?!  Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane in the Zack Snyder reboot of Superman.  This is great great news.  Adams is a three time Academy Award nominee... the woman can act!  She exemplifies beauty, smarts, independence... all of which are traits that Lois Lane must possess. 

I have to tell you, producer Christopher Nolan is working his magic.  He is getting Snyder the actors necessary to round out the cast.  His Superman is of course Henry Cavill.  Also, Clark Kent's parents will be played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.  Now the casting of Adams has helped us to better understand the direction and tone of the film.

Snyder is doing what Nolan did with his Batman films, putting in top notch actors to create the world around the hero.  Much like the casting of Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman in Nolan's Batman trilogy.  

I think Snyder is going far far away from Bryan Singer's Superman Returns.  This is a good thing!  That movie felt like it belonged on the cover of a romance novel and is easily one of the worst superhero films I've ever seen.  He has promised a lot more action and is completely ignoring all Superman movies the preceded this one.  This is an important point.

One of the main problems with Superman Returns was that it paid TOO MUCH homage to the Richard Donner films of the late 70's.  A new franchise can be created and we can love both franchises.  It's time to move on from the Donner years and I love that Snyder is doing so.  Casting Adams is yet another indicator of this.  Can't wait!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will Sasso will play Curly in The Three Stooges

In a stroke of casting genius: Will Sasso is officially cast in The Three Stooges as Curly.  I always thought Sasso was funny during his run on Mad Tv.  He's got the build to play Curly and I believe he'll do a great job.

Now that Curly has been cast, the casting of the other two stooges should happen pretty quickly.  Considering what this movie has been through the past few months to a year, this is good news.  Fox can relax now and believe the Farrelly brothers film is actually going to happen.

So now that Curly is cast, who plays Moe and Larry?  Check out who I guessed a few months ago.

Who do you think should play the other two stooges?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First, full-length Captain America trailer

This is the trailer a lot of people have been waiting for. The first full length trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger. Check it out and look for my comments after the jump!

So? What did you think?  For me, I love the tone and the pacing.  Every scene builds upon the previous.  The visual effects look top notch and Chris Evans will make a damn fine Captain America. The only thing I didn't like about the trailer, actually 2 things... one being there was no Red Skull in it except for a half a second.  The other is that the trailer focuses too much on Steve Rodger's transformation.  The movie will of course feature more than that, so they should have thrown in more.  But I have to tell you, seeing Chris Evans before the super soldier serum is astonishing.  He special effects have made him look like a short, scrawny man.

I am very excited about the film, more than Thor I think.  How about you?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Darren Aronofsky leaving The Wolverine

I remember it like yesterday.  First the director was just a rumor.  Then it was confirmed.  Then the title of the film was official... The Wolverine!  And now?  Well, now that same director is jumping ship.  Darren Aronofsky has left the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Here is the quote Aronofsky gave about leaving the project:
As I talked more about the film with my collaborators at Fox, it became clear that the production of ‘The Wolverine’ would keep me out of the country for almost a year. I was not comfortable being away from my family for that length of time. I am sad that I won't be able to see the project through, as it is a terrific script and I was very much looking forward to working with my friend, Hugh Jackman, again.
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Kevin Costner officially cast as Jonathan Kent in Superman film

Kevin Costner will play Johnathan Kent in Superman film
We kind of knew it was only a matter of time before this was confirmed.  It was pretty obvious which character Kevin Costner would play in the upcoming Superman... Jonathan Kent.  The adoptive father of Clark Kent.  He will team up with actress Diane Lane who is playing Martha Kent in the Zack Snyder reboot.

I love it.  It's been a rumor for a few weeks now, but I love it.  Costner has that all American look and will fit in nicely to the supporting cast that Snyder and company are creating.  I can't believe some people thought he might play Lex Luthor; I don't see it personally, Costner is too nice.  What do you think?  Good choice of casting?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises?

There are a couple of The Dark Knight Returns news/rumors I wanted to tell everyone about.  Both have to do with casting and both are very interesting.  The first is very interesting.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast in the film.  It's a bit old news too, but I was waiting for the character to be announced, which it hasn't been yet.  There are a bunch of characters JGL could be playing, but this will reunite him with Director Christopher Nolan, and co-star Tom Hardy, who has been cast as Bane. 

I like JGL a lot and think he will do well no matter who he plays.  My guess at this point is Dr. Hugo Strange.  Strange is an evil doctor who conducts inhumane tests on the prisoners of Arkham Asylum.  But, most of the fan sites think he'll play Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone who was portrayed by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins.  Hold that thought, and let me tell you the next bit of casting rumor.

So we have the same director and 2 stars of Inception in this upcoming Batman film.  Make that 3 stars?  The latest rumor is that Marion Cotillard is joining the cast!  This is great!  I love her, I think she is stunningly beautiful and an amazing actress at that.  It is just rumor mind you.  But I love who she is rumored to play!

A few months ago, I wrote about all the possible actresses that were auditioning for the movie and what roles they were up for.  One of the roles rumored was that of Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ras al Ghul.  Ras was played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins.  Do you see where I'm going with this? 

We've been hearing that this is the last Nolan Batman film; and that it will bring Bruce Wayne's story full circle.  So having the children of two villains in Batman Begins come into the fold makes sense.  The son of Falcone and the daughter of al Ghul plotting revenge sounds intriguing.  There's one really big problem, too many villains!

We've seen this over and over again in comic book movies.  All of this is rumor, but if it's true, 4 villains (can't forget about Catwoman and Bane), are too much.  I have no doubt in my mind Nolan will make an amazing movie, but let's hope its done in a way that it doesn't become Spider-Man 3 or Batman & Robin.  We'll see, but I am exciting by the casting that is happening on The Dark Knight Rises.

Super 8 trailer

Does JJ Abrams know how to keep a secret or what?!  Check out the Super 8 trailer and read my comments after the jump. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A sequel to The Fighter? It's an amazing story if it's true!

File this under "hmm, that sounds cool"!  A sequel to The Fighter?  Yeah, really.  Mark Wahlberg discussed the possibility with the TV show, Extra.  Only if there's a good story to tell right?  Well there is!

Here is the short quote from Wahlberg:
Now we’re gonna talk about doing No. 2. We’re gonna do the Ward /Gatti trilogy and make it real.
/slashfilm did some research.  They outlined a trilogy of fights between The Fighter's main character, Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti.  In 2002, the boxers fought twice, each man winning a fight.  They were apparently amazing fights.  One of the two fights was considered "Fight of the Year" by Ring Magazine.

The third and final match up came in 2003, and apparently it was epic!  It went to the end.  At one point Gatti breaks his hand in two spots and must finish the fight with only one hand.  Again the match up was considered "Fight of the Year".  They really is a story to tell here, and hopefully it is made.

The only thing left to ponder is who would return for the sequel?  Christian Bale?  Melissa Leo?  Director, David O. Russell?  It will be interesting to see.  You all know I loved the film.  I hoped for the actors to get recognized during Oscar night, and they were!  So hopefully this sequel is made, we'll see!

Superman casting: Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent & Viggo Mortensen as General Zod?

Top Left to Right: Diane Lane, Martha & Jonathan Kent (comic book), Kevin Costner;   Bottom Left to Right: Viggo Mortensen, General Zod (comic book), Terrance Stamp as General Zod
You know what, they're doing it right!  By they I mean Producer, Christopher Nolan and Director, Zack Snyder.  And by "it" I mean the Superman reboot that is set for pre-production as I type this blog post. This team is unbeatable in my opinion.   I remember watching all the special features on the Batman Begins blu-ray and hearing Nolan talk about how important the supporting cast was.  He even references Richard Donners 1978 Superman as an inspiration for his casting of such greats as Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman.  

Now the rumor mill is at full speed when it comes to Superman (2012) casting.  Here is what has been confirmed:  Diane Lane will indeed play Martha Kent.  I have to tell you, I love the choice here!  She is a quality actress who has never let us down.  We already know the story features a younger Superman, so she will fit in to the world that Snyder is creating for our hero.

The next two casting bits are categorized as rumor at this point.  Next up is Jonathan (Pa) Kent, rumored to be played by Kevin Costner.  When Costner's name was first mentioned, no one knew for what part.  Pa Kent?  General Zod?  Lex Luthor?  Most the "experts" are saying it will be Pa Kent.  I like this too.  There is something about Costner that is so good 'ol American.  He's the perfect age to represent a young Clark Kent's father, but old enough to show wisdom in his words. 

Last but not least is Viggo Mortensen!  He's rumored to play none other than General Zod!  Terrance Stamp played him masterfully in the original Superman I and II.  How great is this if it's true?  Mortensen is an amazing actor and is considered one of the best dramatic actors around; he's even been nominated for an Academy Award.  He has the means to play a sinister villain, capable of horrific crimes.

The interesting thing about Mortensen's casting would be the character he would play.  General Zod has long been rumored to be the villain of the story David S. Goyer is scripting.  It makes sense on some level too.  If the villain really is General Zod, it's more recognizable, or relateable.  It wouldn't be some space villain who is too fantastical to believe.  I could see Mortensen stealing the show as the villain, and I hope that's exactly what happens!

Great rumors for the Superman fan base to consider.  We'll keep you posted if any of the latter rumors become fact!

Casting rumors for the fourth 'Bourne' film

I know I have already talked about this before, but a fourth 'Bourne' movie without Matt Damon is very real.  There's a long list of rumored actors (about 8-10).  But three names keep coming up across the internet-sphere.  /slashfilm mentions three big names in the running.  Let's look at them now:

Jake Gyllenhaal:
Hmm, I'm conflicted.  I don't like his acting whatsoever, I've pretty much hated him in everything I've seen, except Prince of Persia.  That's why I'm conflicted.  The 'Bourne' films need a good dramatic actor ala Matt Damon.  We need to see his confusion, his desperation.  BUT, Bourne may not even be the main character.  The sequel has only promised to be in the same world as Jason Bourne.  So maybe Gyllenhaal could pull it off?

Tobey Maguire:
He could totally be Gyllenhaal's twin
My absolute favorite of the trio here.  I feel like he needs to do something to shed that goody goody Peter Parker persona.  This film/franchise could do just the trick!  He has the dramatic chops, we've seen it.  He has the action background of the Spider-Man franchise, he is a real talent.  His body may not fit the world the way Damon's did, but he could make it work.

Garrett Hedlund:
Why?  Why am I even writing about this guy?  He totally stunk up the screen in Tron: Legacy and I hated every aspect of his acting in that film.  Why would I want to see him replace one of the greatest actors of my generation (Damon) in one of the most critically acclaimed action trilogies in history?  The answer is I don't want to see him get the role, period.

It's my opinion, you're on my blog so you obviously care, or you're just curious.  Feel free to drink some Haterade in the comments.  Who of these three should get the role?  Or maybe it's not any of these three, what do you think?

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