Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super 8 trailer

Does JJ Abrams know how to keep a secret or what?!  Check out the Super 8 trailer and read my comments after the jump. 

Wow!  Like, wow!  The visual style, the pacing, the tone of the movie are all great.  JJ Abrams knows how to cut a trailer to give us just enough without giving it all away.  This is what most trailers should attempt to do!  I'm not going to give the guy my money just yet.  The same type of secret marketing was done on Cloverfield and that movie was just straight up stupid. 

But this film looks like it could be better.  The fact that the monster is never shown is no surprise really.  It is nice to see a few plot points in the trailer, but again, nothing that gives away the entire film.  With Abrams directing and Steven Spielberg producing, this is a winning combination.  You going to watch this film?

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