Thursday, March 3, 2011

Superman casting: Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent & Viggo Mortensen as General Zod?

Top Left to Right: Diane Lane, Martha & Jonathan Kent (comic book), Kevin Costner;   Bottom Left to Right: Viggo Mortensen, General Zod (comic book), Terrance Stamp as General Zod
You know what, they're doing it right!  By they I mean Producer, Christopher Nolan and Director, Zack Snyder.  And by "it" I mean the Superman reboot that is set for pre-production as I type this blog post. This team is unbeatable in my opinion.   I remember watching all the special features on the Batman Begins blu-ray and hearing Nolan talk about how important the supporting cast was.  He even references Richard Donners 1978 Superman as an inspiration for his casting of such greats as Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman.  

Now the rumor mill is at full speed when it comes to Superman (2012) casting.  Here is what has been confirmed:  Diane Lane will indeed play Martha Kent.  I have to tell you, I love the choice here!  She is a quality actress who has never let us down.  We already know the story features a younger Superman, so she will fit in to the world that Snyder is creating for our hero.

The next two casting bits are categorized as rumor at this point.  Next up is Jonathan (Pa) Kent, rumored to be played by Kevin Costner.  When Costner's name was first mentioned, no one knew for what part.  Pa Kent?  General Zod?  Lex Luthor?  Most the "experts" are saying it will be Pa Kent.  I like this too.  There is something about Costner that is so good 'ol American.  He's the perfect age to represent a young Clark Kent's father, but old enough to show wisdom in his words. 

Last but not least is Viggo Mortensen!  He's rumored to play none other than General Zod!  Terrance Stamp played him masterfully in the original Superman I and II.  How great is this if it's true?  Mortensen is an amazing actor and is considered one of the best dramatic actors around; he's even been nominated for an Academy Award.  He has the means to play a sinister villain, capable of horrific crimes.

The interesting thing about Mortensen's casting would be the character he would play.  General Zod has long been rumored to be the villain of the story David S. Goyer is scripting.  It makes sense on some level too.  If the villain really is General Zod, it's more recognizable, or relateable.  It wouldn't be some space villain who is too fantastical to believe.  I could see Mortensen stealing the show as the villain, and I hope that's exactly what happens!

Great rumors for the Superman fan base to consider.  We'll keep you posted if any of the latter rumors become fact!

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