Sunday, April 10, 2011

Academy Award nominee, Michael Shannon will play General Zod in Superman film, now titled "Man of Steel"

It feels like every Sunday there's Superman movie news.  For the most part, we knew the villain in the Superman film was going to be General Zod.  The rumor for months was that, the character would be played by Viggo Mortensen.  That rumor was proven false, by director Zack Snyder.  So today comes the official casting of the character.  It goes to Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon!  Shannon was nominated for his role in Revolutionary Road in 2008.

I like this casting choice.  Shannon has a presence that few actors do.  He demands attention on screen, and can be a commanding figure... which will be important when playing General Zod.  He can play a 'creepy', possessed characters, which again, will be perfect for the role.  His role in Revolutionary Road was terrific (one of the few things I enjoyed about the film).  He played Kate Winslet's brother, a mentally disturbed man that challenged Leonardo DiCaprio in every scene they shared together.  It was a great role for Shannon.

On another Superman note; the reboot has an official title.  It will be Man of Steel.  Much like the latest Batman installment, The Dark Knight, there's no need for the name of the character in the title of the film.  Its probably smart.  First, you separate it from the terrible Bryan Singer version, Superman Returns.  And second, the character is so universally recognized, having his name in the title is a bit overkill.  This is great news, and I'm excited about seeing a villain OTHER than Lex Luthor in a Superman film.  Your thoughts?

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