Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The rest of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 posters

Harry and Hermoine both got their own posters for the next and final Harry Potter film.  Now check out the remaining posters for the film.  They feature Ron Weasly (Rupert Grint) as well as other primary characters like Neville (Matthew Lewis), Malfoy (Tom Felton), Snape (Alan Rickman) and of course, the evil wizard Voldemort played by Ralph Fiennes.  Check them out below and let's all count down to the final chapter of an incredible movie franchise!

The Hangover II review, new jokes make up for a repeat formula

It's already been two years?  Holy wow, I can't believe how time flies!  In 2009, The Hangover became the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time.  Rightfully so.  With a blend of unique characters, a funny premise, and shock value to boot; it was a homerun.  It catapulted Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis to stardom.  And it proved director Todd Phillips was a someone with longevity in this business.

The first movie followed the three main characters as they tried to find their lost friend after a night they couldn't remember.  The movie took place in Las Vegas and the city was a great backdrop to the story being told.  This time around, the "Wolfpack" finds themselves in a similar situation, only this time, they've lost a friend in Bangkok, Thailand.  Oh no... The Hangover II.

What I liked about the film:
The Wolfpack (including the monkey)
This is an obvious one.  Cooper, Helms and Galifianakis have an unbelievable chemistry together.  The three actors feed and play off of each other so well, they're totally believable in their roles.

Galifianakis steals most of the scenes again, as he did in the first film.  Helms plays the paranoid panic attack very well.  And the contrast to Helms is Bradley Cooper, who never seems to get phased by anything.  Ken Jeong and Paul Giamatti round out some great supporting characters as well.  And don't forget about the much talked about monkey.  Baby Carlos has NOTHING on the cigarette smoking, drug dealing monkey in the sequel.  It was cleverly worked into the film and actually served a purpose in the plot.  Great!

The setting
Vegas was a great place to setup the last film.  It just made sense for the guys to wake up in their hotel room, not remembering much.  This time, they pushed the envelope.  Thailand is so visually busy, the movie will need a second viewing to catch everything.  Tying in Jeong's character into the setting was great.  Watching the movie, you got a real sense of how difficult it was for the cast and crew to work in such busy conditions.  I've read interviews with director, Phillips, where he says it was his most difficult shoot to date.

The one-liners, memorable
I hate when I go to a movie and leave not recalling a thing.  That wasn't the case with this film.  My wife and I left the theater repeating one-liner after the other.  I am well aware of all the criticisms of the film being identical to the first (I'll get to that in a minute), but the movie is very memorable and will hold up against a lot of other comedies out there.

What I didn't like about the film:
I find myself disliking a lot of film sub-plots.  It's because it feels like the movie wouldn't have suffered if they took it out completely.  Without giving anything away, the sub-plot involves Jeong and Giamatti's characters.  The writers used it as a device to take the main characters from one place to the next, but once the sub-plot is revealed in full, there's no pay off.  I didn't like it and wished they would have written it out of the movie.

The Verdict:
Loved it, KNOWING what I was walking into
I think people just wanted to hate the film.  "It's exactly like the first one."  "They couldn't have thought of anything better?"  Interesting how you weren't criticizing the movie while laughing so hard I couldn't hear the dialogue.  Look, the first trailer showed us all that it was going to have the EXACT same format as the first film.  So I knew what I was getting myself into and was very content with it.  To me, it was fresh and funny in ways the first one wasn't; and it was enough to satisfy my hunger for another grown-up comedy after Bridesmaids.  Check out The Hangover II, you will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hermoine poster for The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Yesterday the Harry poster for the next and final film in the franchise was released.  Today, Hermione (Emma Watson) gets her own poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.   I don't need to say it everyday, but I'm going to anyway... I can't wait!  I am sold.  I'm sold on the magic, the wonder, the friendships, the evil, the search for one horcrux after another, all of it!  I love the movies and will be there opening weekend to see the final battle for Hogwarts.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Harry Potter is ready to rumble in 'The Deathly Hallows Part 2' poster

Thanks to Cinemablend because this poster is pretty cool.  I like how Warner Brothers doesn't even bother with the title of the film, it's very effective in my opinion.  The world knows Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this is the final film in the unbelievably successful franchise.  Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is ready to battle and there's obviously a lot going on behind him.  Great job to the marketing department.  Less is more in this case.  I will be in line for opening weekend my friends.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kenneth Branagh did NOT direct the post credit scene after Thor

Slashfilm posted something really interesting today.  By now this shouldn't be a spoiler to anyone.  But in case you haven't seen the movie, or stuck around for the post-credits... SPOILER ALERT!!!!

We know Kenneth Branagh directed Thor, and did a damn good job of it too.  But what we didn't know was Joss Whedon, director of the upcoming The Avengers directed the post credit scene.  One of the actors in the scene gave some insight into when it was filmed, just a few months ago.  It's nice to see Whedon getting so entrenched in the universe and helping out anyway he can with the films.  Can't wait to see his vision come to life with The Avengers. 

Green Lantern 3D trailer... more amazing footage than before

Seriously, I... Can't... Wait for this movie!  Check out the final trailer below (that will be playing in 3D) and read my thoughts after.

I know I've made it plenty clear I want to see this movie, but can you blame me?  It's MILES ahead of the original trailer that scared us all.  The movie feels epic.  The size and scope of the film really come through in this trailer.  We also get to see Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) learning the powers of the ring.  We also see him creating some major machine power towards the end.  I'm going to be counting down the days until this movie is released.  Who's down for a midnight showing?

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises villain... Bane!

Click on the image to enlarge
Did you ever doubt Christopher Nolan for a minute?  Did you doubt that he would find a creative and original way to bring Bane to life?  Don't, don't ever doubt this man.  The image above is an official release from Warner Brothers of the new villain The Dark Knight Rises; which is of course the sequel to 2008's The Dark Knight

There was so much talk about how Nolan would make the character fit into the realistic world he's created for this Batman trilogy.  The picture shows Inception actor, Tom Hardy, ripped as can be.  I love the mask, it's dark, creepy and mysterious.  Nolan has been masterful at giving just enough to wet the appetite without giving anything away.  The way Bane is turned and looking back to the camera out of the corner of his eye is a little unsettling.

This is the first official glimpse into the third and final film, can you image what's still to come?  This is going to be an film of epic proportions, watch.

A more recent version of Bane

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg will re-team in Turkey Bowl

Last year, the unlikely duo of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg struck gold at the box office.  I personally did not enjoy the film as much as I would have hoped.  I reviewed the movie and noted that although there were some funny moments, the movie didn't do it for me overall. 

Well, regardless of my thoughts on the film, Warner Brothers wants the duo back in action next year.  Warner Brothers acquired the rights Turkey Bowl.  Ferrell and Wahlberg play guys from two different football obsessed cities.  They're going to play a tackle football game for bragging rights.  Simple enough.  Hopefully this one will do more for me than The Other Guys.  I really like both actors in their own right, just hope Turkey Bowl delivers!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Four new posters showcasing Horrible Bosses

The new comedy, Horrible Bosses
Thanks to JoBlo, we get to see the four new posters for Horrible Bosses.  Just a few days ago I posed the trailer, and I loved it.  The cast is great, the story seems simple enough, and the comedy will definitely deliver.  Check out the three pairs of employee/bosses below!

Kevin Spacey plays Jason Bateman's boss

Jennifer Aniston plays Charlie Day's boss

Colin Farrell plays Jason Sudeikis' boss

Abin Sur gets his own Green Lantern poster

I think the tone and scope of the Green Lantern film is becoming more and more clear with every trailer and poster.  Here we see the latest poster for Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison), the green lantern who crash lands on Earth and gives Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) his ring.  So far the Summer has been to my liking, I hope this movie lives up to my high expectations.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zookeeper trailer, this is supposed to be funny?

This is a look at the new Kevin James "comedy", Zookeeper.  I better be careful with what I say right now. At first look, Paul Blart: Mall Cop looked ridiculous as well.  That movie went on to make a boat load of money!  Check out the trailer to Zookeeper and read my thoughts after.

Ok, wow.  Even Adam Sandler's voice as the monkey is terrible.  I mean, from a business perspective, I see what they're going for.  It's like Dr. Dolittle meets Night at the Museum sort of thing.  But step back and look at this trailer as unbiased as possible; it looks terrible!  I mean it looks really really bad!  Go figure Rosario Dawson is in ;0)

I'll absolutely be skipping this one at the theater as well as the dollar redbox; HBO on demand, you're my only friend.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tim Burton will not direct Maleficent, a Harry Potter director might though

Tim Burton was set to direct a live-action spin off of Disney's Sleeping Beauty titled, Maleficent.  That was announced back in January of 2010.  Here we are a year and a half later and it appears that Burton is dropping out, stated The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie would have been told through the evil witch's perspective.  Angelina Jolie has long been rumored to star in the film.

Not to fear, it appears as though a very capable director may replace Burton.  How about David Yates for ya?  THR says the man who directed four of eight Harry Potter films may take over the reigns.  I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter films, more specifically the three Yates films that have been released.  He also directed the next and final film, set to be released in July of this year.

This doesn't mean Burton will be leaving Disney, as if they'd let him leave after a billion dollar success that was Alice in Wonderland.  No, he's already started working on a stop-motion adaptation of Frankenweenie, due out next year.  That's all for now, I'll post any updates as they come up.

Real Steel trailer #2, meh

Quick and simple... check out the trailer below for the Hugh Jackman starring Real Steel, my comments after the trailer.

I don't think I want to see this movie any more.  When the first trailer hit, I mentioned I'll wait for the second trailer before I decide whether or not I'll watch it, and here it is.  I'm not impressed to be completely honest.  The child in the film is new, and does nothing for me.  The special effects look as good as the first trailer, but feel very kid friendly.  The premise had me, but the trailers have lost me.  Anyone else feel the same way?

Horrible Bosses trailer and poster; ever wanted to kill your boss?

Check out this comedy gem. The film is Horrible Bosses, and stars a pretty amazing cast. It features Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis as three friends who hate their bosses. Their bosses are played by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell respectively.  Check out the trailer below and read my thoughts after.

So, looks good right?  I have to say, my favorite boss is played by Colin Farrell.  Maybe it's the hair or just his demeanor in general, but I thought he looked hilarious.  Jennifer Aniston's character shows promise, but I think she will most likely just be eye candy for us male viewers (if you couldn't tell by the trailer).  Spacey looks like he will be a fitting 'horrible boss' as well.  

The friends are interesting casting choices.  If you read this blog, you know Batman is one of my favorites; but I'm interested in seeing Day and Sudeikis in this.  They look like they have great material to work with and will hopefully deliver.  I'll post more as it's released!

Hector Hammond Green Lantern poster

Peter Sarsgaard plays Hector Hammond in the upcoming Green Lantern.  And now he has his own character poster.  I liked it and thought I would share.  He looks pretty creepy right?  Really can't wait for this movie!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bridesmaids review... girls just wanna have fun

I only posted the trailer a few weeks go.  I have been anxiously Tweeting away about it.  The ensemble cast is as different and as funny as they come.  So what movie has got me so hot and bothered?  Bridesmaids!  It stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph (both SNL alumni) as best friends.  They have grown up together, been there for each other, and now Rudolph's character is getting married.  And of course, like any best friend should, she has asked Wiig's character to be her maid of honor.  The real comedy magic happens when Rudolph introduces Wiig to the rest of her bridal party.  I have a lot I liked about this movie, so let's begin!

What I liked about the film:
The Characters
I know this pretty much goes without saying; but the characters in the film are so funny, so unique, they're among the funniest I've seen in a long time.  Ironically, the last time I saw characters this unique; it was in the movie Bridesmaids keeps getting compared to, The Hangover.  There are five bridesmaids including Wiig.

Rose Byrne is the antagonist... according to Wiig's character.  She has formed a relationship with Rudolph that threatens Wiig's role in the bride's life.  She is everything Wiig is not, rich, has friends, connections, etc.  Byrne found a way to bring comedy to the role that could have otherwise been viewed as a villainous role.

I loved "Reno:911" when it was on Comedy Central, and one of my favorite characters on the show was played by Wendi McLendon-Covey.  In this film, she plays Rudolph's cousin and is the only bridesmaid with children.  She's a woman with a lot of marriage experience she shares with the other ladies; and she also has an urge for strip clubs.  Hillarious!

Ellie Kemper is one of my favorite characters on NBC's "The Office".  In this film, she plays a similar character in that she is sweet, innocent and a newlywed with very little sexual experience.  She forms a bond with McLendon-Covey's character and the two share a hilarious scene together!

And the award for scene-stealer goes to Melissa McCarthy who plays Rudolph's future sister-in-law.  The plus sized woman is electric in the role!  She's a lovable loser who happens to be confident with herself.  Her character definitely helps the movie earn its much deserved "R" rating.  McCarthy nailed it and will reap the same benefits as Zach Galifianakis did after The Hangover.  She's so good, I'm looking up her past roles to rent on redbox.

The movie was written by Wiig and Annie Mumolo.  It has a lot of heart.  I'm sure the real life friendship between Wiig and Rudolph only helped to authenticate their relationship on screen.  In Judd Apatow fashion (he is a producer on the film), you fall in love with the characters.  Most of the film is based in reality, which also helps us care for the characters.  This was great.

The Love Story
Believe it or not, this isn't like most "chick flicks".  Granted some of it is cliche and you can see certain plot points coming a mile away; but for the most part it is a grounded film.  Jon Hamm has a great little role in the film; he plays Wiig's screw buddy.  We see Wiig's character grow and evolve, eventually dumping Hamm for the other love interest in the film.  It is tastefully done and very well written.  I actually wanted to see Wiig end up with the good guy, something I usually don't care for in romantic comedies.

What I didn't like about the film:
Pacing / Run Time
I know this is something not a lot of people will concern themselves with, but I do.  The film goes from 100 miles per hour to 5 within a few minutes.  There are obviously fast paced scenes involving all the bridesmaids, but the character development material is exhausting.  Also the run time was a bit long.  I would have completely cut out some of the characters and sub-plots, like Wiig's roommates.  I understand what they were trying to do by having them in the film; but I believe it hurt the film more than it helped.  They were unique characters, but unfunny for the most part and made the movie drag a bit.The movie could have been tightened up and maybe even cut back a half hour or so.

The Repetitiveness
Sure, there are scenes where the repetitiveness is on purpose, but there were a lot of scenes in the movie where it didn't work in my opinion.  Or it was just too long a scene and it killed the joke.  Take the maid of honor speech at the engagement party for example; Wiig and Byrne compete for Rudolph's attention by fighting over the microphone confessing their love to her.  The joke works, but after 10 or so exchanges of the microphone, it becomes redundant and unfunny.  Unfortunately there are several examples of this in the film. 

The Verdict:
A much needed start to Summer 2011
I am so happy my Summer movie season is off to a good start.  I thoroughly enjoyed Thor last week and Bridesmaids was a treat for my wife and I.  I have to reiterate what a lot of people online are saying; hopefully this movie will help to generate a new breed of female driven comedies.  We need to laugh and cheer, not just fight super villains with our superhero friends.  It was a fun movie and hopefully the rest of the Summer goes as well as the last two weeks have, we'll look back at this post and see if it does!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Latest Green Lantern posters and trailer

Ryan Reynolds leads the Green Lantern Corp in this group poster
I've already posted the 4+ minutes of footage from the the upcoming Green Lantern.  That footage was amazing.  It did a lot to restore faith in the project after the so so trailer that premiered back in November of last year.  The special effects were tightened up, the comedy was scaled back in exchange for a more 'epic' approach.  This is the official trailer containing a lot of that footage, but there's more!

We finally get to see the voice actors attached to a few of the all CG (computer generated) characters.  Let's review.

Mark Strong will play Sinestro with some CG help
Michael Clarke Duncan will voice the massive Kilowog
Oscar Winner, Geoffry Rush will voice Tomar Re

Check out the trailer below and then read my thoughts after.

That's what I'm talkin' about!  The voice actors were perfectly cast!  I especially love Rush as Tomar Re.  Michael Clarke Duncan almost feels like the obvious choice.  But Rush, to me, is an inspiring choice.  I've never really commented on Mark Strong's Sinestro; I may be taking him for granted.  Strong has quickly become one of my favorite actors in Hollywood; especially following Kick-Ass and Sherlock Holmes.  He looks the part and for all the fans of the comic book, you know what's coming!

Overall, this is the perfect cut for the last trailer to Green Lantern.  I know the earliest clips had a lot of people nervous, but this should make everyone believe in Green!

Last but not least, the Gaurdians

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor review... expect to be delighted

For months I have been hesitant towards Thor.  I didn't know what to expect out of an unknown lead (Chris Hemsworth) and a Shakespearean actor turned director (Kenneth Branagh).  Sure there were Oscar winners in the film (Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins), but that doesn't guarantee a good film.  So the Summer movie season has kicked off in full swing.  I skipped on Fast Five last week and watched Thor instead, let's get it started in here.

What I liked about the movie:
The Storytelling, director
Branagh is a wonderful actor.  His work has been solid for well over a decade... as an actor.  Why elect him to direct a big budget Summer film?  Well, here's my two cents.  He was perfect in his storytelling.  He understood how to divide the story between Asgard and Earth.  He made Asgard a grand, mythical place while keeping it believable.  The parts on Earth were tastefully done and grounded in reality.  It was just the right tone and pacing necessary for a something as mythical as Thor.  He knew how to direct Hemsworth, and in turn got a wonderful performance out of him.  The editing was solid as well.  The only thing I would critic Branagh for was his lighting, which I'll explain later.

The acting
Hemsworth gives a wonderful performance.  He has a commanding presence, a swagger if you will.  While in Asgard, he is a cocky, arrogant man who feels entitled to his father's throne.  When he is banished to Earth, he plays the "fish out of water" very sincerely.  It's always a risk casting a relative unknown for a movie of this size and scope, but this was perfect casting.  Hemsworth got so unbelievable big for this movie, he was physically believable as Thor.  The long hair and beard were spot on to what I felt Thor should look like on the big screen.  The accent was perfect as well.  Because we're dealing with the Norse God of Thunder, there has to be a sense of grandeur, and Hemsworth nailed it.  

Thor's father, Odin, is played by the masterful Anthony Hopkins.  He is the stern father figure we would expect Odin to be, but has a sensibility that any good father must posses.  The primary villain in the film is Thor's half-brother Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston.  Hiddleston nails it!  I loved his performance in this film.  He is vengeful and sinister.  The only thing I didn't like was the "turn".  We get to see Loki's motivation for turning on his family, but it would have been nice to dig deeper; especially considering it has been officially announced that Loki will be the primary villain for The Avengers film. 

Natalie Portman does well as an astrophysicist.  She plays the character as genuinely as we would hope.  Her side kick is played by Kat Dennings; who despite all the hate online, I thought was blessed with some of the best one-liners in the film.  Portman's mentor is played by the great Stellan Skarsgard who did great with what little screen time he had.

The Visual Effects
This is a Marvel film, so we shouldn't expect any less out of a big, blockbuster film.  The visual effects both on Asgard as well as on Earth were awesome.  I couldn't tell where some of the special effects blended with the practical effects, and that's what we really want as an audience, we shouldn't be able to tell.  Thumbs up to Marvel for spending the money necessary to make the worlds look real. 

What I didn't like about the movie:
The lighting, cinematography
This was a major, major issue for me.  I endlessly complain about 3D (I saw it in 2D mind you), but the lighting in this film was so bad it was unbearable at times.  All the scenes featuring our hero on "Jotunheim" were so dark and difficult to see.  I don't know if this was a poor print at the theater I went to or if it were intended that way, but nonetheless, it was tough to watch and understand what was happening.

The verdict:
Satisfying to all
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  Goes to show you, yet again, never judge a film by its trailer.  I was not impressed with the trailers leading up to the release of this film, but gave it a chance and enjoyed myself.  I will say it is very kid friendly at times, a darker version would be nice, but then again I'm a 30 year old man, not a 12 year old child.  I think Marvel realized they spent too much time during Iron Man 2 setting up The Avengers, they didn't do that so much in this film.  But they did set up the villain.  Loki and his powers should be a worthy opponent of the superhero team. 

Hiddleston did very well and has made me a fan.  Good job to everyone involved, I really liked Thor and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good action film to kick off the Summer season!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Fockers DVD review

There were two major releases this week on DVD and blu-ray; the first was The Green Hornet.  The second was Little Fockers, starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro in the third film in the franchise.  I am a big fan of the first film, Meet the Parents.  It did so many things right, it was really refreshing.  The second film, Meet the Fockers, wasn't the best in movie history, but still good.  It introduced Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman in hilarious roles.  Now, Little Fockers, oh boy, here we go.

What I liked about the movie:
Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman
There was a bunch of drama prior to the movie being shot about whether Dustin Hoffman would even be in the movie.  Then there were reshoots for his character.  Let me start by saying that, Streisand and Hoffman are in the movie for a total of about three minutes.  So the movie is so bad that the parts making up 5% of the movie are the only things I enjoyed in the film.  They're funny, loveable Fockers and scored points for me.

What I didn't like about the movie:
Jessica (I'm a terrible actress) Alba
Wow.  And that's not a positive wow, that's a "wow, how the hell is this woman making money for this".  Alba is a terrible actress in general, but this movie... this movie takes the cake as her worse.  She is about as bad as Anne Hathaway as an Oscar host, THAT bad.  She's overzealous, annoying, disingenuous and down right bad.  Her character could have been a breath of fresh air, but she phoned in her performance just like the rest of the cast.

The rest of the cast
The movie has become the definition of a "paycheck" in Hollywood.  Robert De Niro made fun of himself while accepting an award, referencing his performance in Little Fockers.  This man is a two-time Oscar winner?  "The God-Focker"?  Really?  What the F happened to the Godfather!?!?!  Whoa.  Ben Stiller tries his best but can't duplicate the success of the previous two films.

Teri Polo is wasted completely as a stay at home mom.  And most importantly, the little Fockers themselves... not very good child actors.  In fact, they don't do much.  The only reason they're in the film is to have a reason to bring DeNiro and Stiller together.  Wow, so bad.  I also don't want to forget Owen Wilson in what will surely be one of his worse movies in... the next year or so ;o)

The story
I don't want to spend more than a sentence or two on this.  The little Fockers are turning five, and everyone is invited.  Much like the second film where DeNiro suspects that Stiller has a son, in this movie he suspects Stiller of cheating with Alba's character.  I'll let you all figure out the rest.

The DVD:
Lots of options, very little substance
The list of features is pretty long, but not many that I cared for.  Here are all the special features:
Alternate Opening: Wedding Dream and Morning Wakeup
Alternate Ending: Treehouse
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
The Making of A Godfocker: Behind the Scenes of Little Fockers
Bout Time
The Focker Foot Locker

I liked the making of featurette, but that was pretty much it. The rest is a ways of space on the DVD.

The verdict:
Skip it entirely
I know I sound harsh, but it's bad, really really bad.  I always defend films that are bashed on by the critics.  But with a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, we can't all be wrong!

The Green Hornet DVD review

This week there were two major releases on DVD and Blu-Ray, the first being The Green Hornet.  The movie stars Seth Rogen as the title character as well as Cameron Diaz and Jay Chou (who plays Kato).  I really want to jump right in. 

What I liked about the movie:
Christoph Waltz
Wow, this man is so good at what he does!  Waltz plays the primary villain in the film and nails it.  This role doesn't require quite the evil necessary for his Academy Award winning role in Inglourious Basterds, but is still great.  He has a dark comedic tone that he just gets perfect.  Towards the end of the film his character falls off the deep end.  And while I think the script was terrible, Waltz did what he could.  Great job.

What I didn't like about the movie:
The rest of the cast
I'm not kidding, the rest of the cast was terrible in this film.  Start off with our "star" of the film, Seth Rogen.  Forget how terrible the script is (I'll get there in a moment), all he does is scream his lines.  Seriously, it feels like his voice cracks every minute or two just to scream his lines.  Diaz is forgettable at best.  It seriously makes me wonder why she took the role in the first place.  Last is Jay Chou who was obviously cast for his martial arts and not his acting.  I hate to bag on the guy, because his martial arts are very impressive, but he is a terrible actor.  It's so bad people, believe me.

The Script
Am I supposed to care that Seth Rogen and his buddy Evan Goldberg wrote this?  It's such a stupid story, written in the most idiotic way imaginable.  I'm not an expert of writing, but the structure, the flow, the character development was all terrible.  I can't explain to you how much I disliked this film.  It was like a train wreck I couldn't get my eyes off of.

The Blu-Ray:
Tons of goodies
Despite how much I hated this movie, this is a DVD review after all.  The blu-ray featured some great visuals as well as sound.  The special features are as follows:
PS3 Theme
Jay Chou Audition
Double Barrel
The Green Hornet Cutting Room
Filmmakers' Commentary
"Awesoom"-Gag Reel
"Trust Me" -Director Michel Gondry
Writing The Green Hornet
The Black Beauty: Rebirth of Cool
The Stunt Family Armstrong
Finding Kato
The Art of Destruction

The best of the bunch was The Black Beauty featurette about the new car.  Gag reels are always fun and soo too was the Art of Destruction.  Overall thumbs up for the blu-ray and it's extras.

The Verdict:
I say please because I want it to be a hint to Hollywood to stop making total stink rehash remakes.  I know I defend movies like The A-Team for being a 'go numb for two hours' appeal to them.  This is way different.  The movie didn't have likeable characters at all, the action felt stale, and the story is God awful.  I will say, relentlessly, this movie is terrible!