Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises villain... Bane!

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Did you ever doubt Christopher Nolan for a minute?  Did you doubt that he would find a creative and original way to bring Bane to life?  Don't, don't ever doubt this man.  The image above is an official release from Warner Brothers of the new villain The Dark Knight Rises; which is of course the sequel to 2008's The Dark Knight

There was so much talk about how Nolan would make the character fit into the realistic world he's created for this Batman trilogy.  The picture shows Inception actor, Tom Hardy, ripped as can be.  I love the mask, it's dark, creepy and mysterious.  Nolan has been masterful at giving just enough to wet the appetite without giving anything away.  The way Bane is turned and looking back to the camera out of the corner of his eye is a little unsettling.

This is the first official glimpse into the third and final film, can you image what's still to come?  This is going to be an film of epic proportions, watch.

A more recent version of Bane

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