Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jane Lynch joining The Three Stooges, as their nun

Jane Lynch is one hilarious woman!  I do NOT watch "Glee", but her work in the last decade has made this blogger laugh non-stop.  In my opinion, she's pure gold in everything she does.  Well she's about to join Sofia Vergara, Sean Hayes (Larry) and Will Sasso (Curly) in the Farrelly Brothers The Three Stooges.

She will play the nun that runs the school where the three brothers grew up.  I love the casting!  She will be a welcome addition to the comedy film.  Still waiting for the final word on who will play Moe, the ringleader of the trio.  Latest rumor is former “24” star, Chris Diamantopoulos.  I don't know any of his work, as most of his resume is for TV.  I don't want to spend too much on him until it's certain, for now, I celebrate the casting of Lynch!

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