Monday, May 9, 2011

Latest Green Lantern posters and trailer

Ryan Reynolds leads the Green Lantern Corp in this group poster
I've already posted the 4+ minutes of footage from the the upcoming Green Lantern.  That footage was amazing.  It did a lot to restore faith in the project after the so so trailer that premiered back in November of last year.  The special effects were tightened up, the comedy was scaled back in exchange for a more 'epic' approach.  This is the official trailer containing a lot of that footage, but there's more!

We finally get to see the voice actors attached to a few of the all CG (computer generated) characters.  Let's review.

Mark Strong will play Sinestro with some CG help
Michael Clarke Duncan will voice the massive Kilowog
Oscar Winner, Geoffry Rush will voice Tomar Re

Check out the trailer below and then read my thoughts after.

That's what I'm talkin' about!  The voice actors were perfectly cast!  I especially love Rush as Tomar Re.  Michael Clarke Duncan almost feels like the obvious choice.  But Rush, to me, is an inspiring choice.  I've never really commented on Mark Strong's Sinestro; I may be taking him for granted.  Strong has quickly become one of my favorite actors in Hollywood; especially following Kick-Ass and Sherlock Holmes.  He looks the part and for all the fans of the comic book, you know what's coming!

Overall, this is the perfect cut for the last trailer to Green Lantern.  I know the earliest clips had a lot of people nervous, but this should make everyone believe in Green!

Last but not least, the Gaurdians

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